Self-Publishing: How To Be An Author Superstar!

a selfpublishing author superstar!
Could you be a self-publishing author superstar?

So, you’ve written a book, and you want to sell it on the market and become part of a growing self-publishing community. The trouble is, you don’t know what the next steps are or how to become a superstar author! No problem, follow these quick tips for help:

1. Get Your Book Professionally Edited

The biggest challenge for your ebook will be the writing quality, as many people would fail a basic grammar test. Only by hiring a professional editor can you be sure that readers won’t find fundamental mistakes and hold you accountable.

If you do get a bad reputation for spelling mistakes or grammar errors – your writing career could be over. People will be unlikely to buy your books and you could have reviews left across the internet from displeased readers expressing how poor your writing is. Sorry to be dramatic – but it happens.

Getting your book edited can cost between £300 and £1,000 depending on the length of the book, and if you’ve partly edited it yourself. To help you – use Grammarly for free (find out more here).

2. Get Your Book Professionally Formatted

Formatting is the process where you get the inside of your book professionally designed. This might seem easy, but there are so many flaws that can occur in your document which would make it look awful on a Kindle or tablet.

Formatting errors can also happen on any physical copy and if you’ve printed off a significant run – that can be a massive cost to you.

Professional formatting can cost between £30 and £100, but it is very much worth it.

3. Buy A Professional Ebook Cover

The saying is ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but a lot of people do. Therefore, don’t fight it and use it to your advantage. Get a professional book cover for your masterpiece. These can either be bought on-order or ready designed – it depends on your budget and timescale.

Another option is to design your own with Canva. The software is free and comes with some great templates to help you get started. Simply create an account and use the ebook cover option.

Remember any image you include on the book cover will need to be free for commercial use or owned by you. This makes sites like a poor choice as they have limits on what you can use their images for.

3. Get Reviews From Strangers

You might think your book is great, and your family and friends might think your book is great – but let’s be honest, that doesn’t mean your readers will. You want to make sure that your audience will like your book, after all, they will be the ones to buy it and fund your new lifestyle.

There are numerous sites where you can request reviews, or you can approach reading groups and book clubs. Alternatively, look on Amazon. There are dozens of featured reviewers who will accept approaches from self-published authors looking for a review.

Just remember to ensure you aren’t asking everyone and only seek reviews from those who like your genre and style of writing.

4. Build A Following

You might not realise this, but most books are sold thanks to word-of-mouth. To benefit from this, you need to get out there and start to promote your brand and generate a following. Don’t advertise your book, advertise you, as an author. Become someone that people want to welcome into their home.

You will need to do this over several mediums, including social media and on forums. Another option is to take your marketing offline and speak to readers at events. All this activity needs to be linked to a website and mailing list.

Become A Self-Publishing Superstar

Being a self-publishing superstar is all about getting your book to be at the highest possible quality, promoting without spamming and ensuring you are leveraging the power of word-of-mouth, which can be done offline and online through social media.

If you want some help with self-publishing, then speak to us about the potential your writing career could have.

Are you a hopeful author? What is holding you back?

Let us know in the comments below.