Six Tools You’ll Need To Build A Good Online Sales Platform

Build your business’ online sales platform with the right tools
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An online business is one of the best, easiest and most cost effective methods to earn a living. There are many different types of online businesses. Each one needs specific software and tools for you to run them successfully.

However each one is just a sales platform and every sales platform needs certain tools to manage and promote it. Here we list several tools you will need when creating yours:

Website Software

You want to make sure your sales platform has functionality and a good design. That is why you need to have some good website software to create stunning pages that load fast and are user friendly. WordPress is one of the best for building an online sales platform. It is versatile and can create almost any type of website including: social media network, membership site and ecommerce.

The tool is great because you can add functions (known as plugins) as and when you need them instead of having all the functionality attached and not use it. WordPress also has an active community of developers continuously improving the programming to make your sales platform a leaner and more user-friendly site.

Customer Contact Management System (CMS)

This is vital if you want to monitor the statistics of your current customers and notice trends in their behaviour on your sales platform. The database should contain vital information on your contacts and register their activity including the number of times they have:

  • Visited
  • Logged in,
  • What pages they’ve seen.
  • When they’ve logged in
  • If they’ve downloaded anything.

This allows you to build a picture of what the majority of your users like about your website and what products they are interested in. This further allows you to focus efforts on refining and promoting products of high interest.

Email Marketing System

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with and sell to those who have heard of your business. There are several options for an email marketing system with Fluttermail and MailChimp two options.

Choose the option best for your brand and start collecting email addresses of those who have visited your website through landing pages. An email system can also be helpful for informing your current customers of any changes or the latest offers. Remember to segregate and regularly maintain your email marketing lists to generate better quality traffic for your sales platform.

SEO Tools

You want your sales platform to rank well on the search engines. Many small or new businesses can expect to find the majority of their website traffic originates from search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, having a software suite that helps your site with its SEO is important. There are various packages out there for businesses, including and There are also options available on WordPress free of charge.

You can also use tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to check the results of the SEO tasks you’ve completed on your sales platform.

Payment System

Finally you need to have a payment system that can process invoices. You’ll want one that is cost effective and has the technical backup to support your business’ growth or if there are any problems.

Many options are available such as PayPal and some debit and credit card payment process systems. Many of these can easily integrate with your sales platform and take a commission from completed transactions.

Social Media Management Tool

There are a number of different social media management tools for you to choose from. Hootsuite and Buffer are popular ones but there are others like Sociota that can schedule in your social media updates.

This is a really important aspect for marketing your sales platform. Many consumers believe social media is great for identifying new brands and researching products. However, spending too much time on social media can be costly. A management tool reduces the amount of time spent on the platforms, allows you to manage all of them from one place and can improve results.

Final Word On Online Sales Platform Tools

An online sales platform is a great way to earn money online, however you need tools to manage and promote your online presence. Some of the essentials are written above, ensure that you have those for your online sales platform.

What do you think you need for your an online sales platform? Let us know in the comments.