Is Your Online Sales Path Complete?

sales path broken with bridge analogy
If your sales path is broken, it is like a broken bridge!

Digital marketing will only help you so far down the sales path with some customers. Getting the rest to commit to making a purchase may require a greater use of interpersonal skills. But how can you implement these in a system controlled by marketing tools that are inherently impersonal?

The trick is to make your online sales path more personal. This might include taking your online marketing offline for the closing stages.

Here are some tips on how to personalise your impersonal sales path.

1. Become More Social

One of the greatest problems with digital marketing being implemented within the sales path is that businesses don’t make their social media personal enough. The key is all in the title of the tool – “social media”. Therefore, you have to be more personal in your approach to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Start talking with your audience rather than at them.

This could include commenting on their tweets, thanking for retweets and most importantly starting conversations. The more interactive you become, the greater your chance of generating interest in your brand and the more people that will follow you.

2. Personalise Emails

Never send an email marketing message without at least including the name of the recipient. Customers like to know that you are talking to them and not just to anyone who opens their email. Include their name by using mail merge to easily accomplish this.

Customers will appreciate the personal touch and higher open rates can be achieved. The more people who open your email, the more traffic to your website and the greater the return your email will generate. At the same time, it can help refine your sales path and provide enough information to target your customers with specific offers (see the next point).

3. Targeted Emails

Another key personalisation of your sales path is to target your leads with specific offers tailored to their needs and wants. This information may seem impossible for you to obtain but it is actually rather easy to do. Look at how your mailing contact signed up to your list, if it was through downloadable content, the topic of that content is what they are most interested in.

Apart from this, look at what they are most interested in on previous emails. If they are opening up emails that are all about rabbit products, you can take them down a sales path that is related to only rabbit products. The more relevant your content, the better their reaction, and this won’t just increase open rates, it will also decrease un-subscription rates, improving customer value.

4. Pick Up The Phone

Finally, if you know what your lead is interested in and you have a high enough ticket price product, then you should remove yourself from the computer and phone those that are showing an interest in your product.

The personal touch might be all that is needed to achieve an order from your lead and move them from your ‘prospect’ database to your ‘customer’ database. Remember to always refer to your emails and say that you’ve noticed they’ve taken interest in certain products – but at the same time make sure that they are doing the most talking. Encourage them to answer open ended questions and to discuss issues they are having, so you can provide the solution.

Improve Your Sales Path

Improving your online sales path will help you generate more revenue from your online marketing activities. The better your revenue from social media, blogging and email marketing, the more valuable it will become. So consider how you can implement more personalisation in your online sales path and achieve greater results.

How do you make your sales path more personal? What results do you get?

Let us know in the comments below.