Revenue Generating Avenues For Your Blog

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Discovering the right revenue generating avenue can increase your blog’s income

Blogging is a fantastic way to distribute knowledge and communicate with your audience. A good blog can promote your business without advertising any of your products and with 61% of consumers buying a product based on blog activity, blogging can be a very profitable revenue generating avenue.

However, a blog is a long term investment and often the results cannot be seen for six to twelve months. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t invest in blogging; a blog has several benefits including:

  • Search Engine Marketing (businesses with blogs have 434% more indexed pages).
  • Relationship building (1 in 3 visitors will regularly return to a blog)
  • Creating authority (81% of consumers trust information contained on a blog)
  • Developing an email marketing list (companies who blog generate 126% more leads)

Instant Revenue Generating Avenues

Without blogging, the work to achieve the above can be much harder. Yet some business owners like to see an instant return. And non-business bloggers also like to see some income from their hard work.

Therefore, these people need to find other revenue generating avenues. Here are some:

1. Banner Space

Some blogs have a lot of space around the content. This space could be filled with an advertisement like a banner. There are many schemes or you can approached privately if your blog has significant visitor numbers.

Banners can bring in a fix sum or income based on the number of clicks it receives. However, banners have lost their effectiveness over the last five to ten years. So revenue from them can be small in comparison to other revenue generating avenues.

2. Affiliate Links

If you are publishing content related to a specific topic, like internet marketing or books, you can join an affiliate program. This is where you create content with inserted links directing visitors to a seller. The seller identifies the referral website by a unique code embedded in the URL. A commission is earned by you every time a referred visitor makes a purchase.

You could be part of a single affiliate program like Amazon or join a network like ShareaSale or Affiliate Window. The latter have strict joining criteria and there can be technical details to work out. However, this revenue generating avenue can give high rewards.

3. Adwords

Pay Per Click models have been around for a long time and Google Adwords is the market leader. You can be a host to a number of advertisements and earn a small income every time an advert is clicked upon.

This is a small earner per click and if you want to have a significant revenue generating avenue, you will need to attract a large audience.

4. Selling Your Blog

Selling blogs can earn a decent income. To do this you need to produce great content, grow a list of email contacts and then offer the site for sale.


Blogging is a good way to reach out to your customers, though the returns are often slow to materialise. You can see some instant returns with the right revenue generating avenue, yet some of these programs may reduce your long term income.

Therefore, carefully select the right avenue for your short, medium and long term objectives to obtain maximum benefit from your blog.

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