Why You Won’t Finish Reading This Article

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Your visitors rarely finish reading your blog content

Blog readers are not exactly the most loyal of visitors. Many of them won’t finish reading an entire article and some will skip to the end and just read the conclusion.

About 38% of those blog readers who landed upon this page have already disappeared and not one of them clicked on anything. This may seem like a huge proportion of an audience to lose, but if they aren’t engaged to read the content, then they won’t be the best customers – the same is for your website’s blog.

At about this point, when you have to start scrolling to see any more content, 3% of the original visitors will have disappeared because they don’t want to scroll down the page. So we are down to just 59% of those blog readers who landed on this article in the first place.

However, some of those visitors have now gone to share it on Twitter or Facebook. They haven’t even read the article and don’t know what the conclusion is. They don’t know that those who are still reading can now claim one month’s free membership (then £10 per month after that).

Go on, click on the button, there is no catch to it.

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What Does This All Mean For Your Business?

Well, if you are still with me, great. It is good to have you still here. So here is the important content, something that most people would have missed, as well as the fantastic offer above.

The truth is that the majority of people just can’t keep their concentration on your content. The more you type; the more they lose interest and leave your site. By the time it comes to the halfway point, the majority are ‘reading’ another article or talking about yours on social media.

How Users Are Reading Articles Online

Research from the the Nielsen Norman Group has proven that humans just don’t read content online. Their studies have revealed numerous interesting facts about how we actually process copy online.

  • 79% of us skim read articles as opposed to the 16% who read the content word for word.
  • Humans read text on a screen slower than they do from paper.
  • Web content is read in an F-shaped fashion. That is, we read about two paragraphs at the top and then quickly skim the rest down looking mostly at the headings.
  • Only about 20% of your text is actually read on average.

There are many reasons for this. These include the following:

Computer Vision SyndromeCVS affects about 64 – 94% of office workers and this impacts how long you can actually stare at a screen.

ProductivityResults from the Nielsen Study found that users become agitated when they are reading because they don’t feel productive.

LazinessReading an article takes work, so some people just don’t bother.

IrrelevanceNormally users are reading an article for a reason. They will look for that reason and everything else is just irrelevant.

So How Can You Improve Results?

Chartbeat’s Schwartz was able to look at user behaviour on websites and noticed a trend. He found that on most websites, more than half of people have abandoned the site 60% of the way through.

However, those pages that included funny videos or striking images held the attention of the audience longer. This isn’t surprising; images have been proven to have a positive impact on the conversion rate of a website. They are more interesting, can be processed faster and can convey more than text. You should also look at breaking up paragraphs and using bullet points and numbered lists.

If people aren’t reading all your content then you need to consider how to attract attention to your offers. There is only one way to do this and that is to make them stand out against the rest of your content. Make the call-to-action button red, place it near a good image or have it flash – something that will make it standout.


If you’ve just joined us again after skipping the rest of the content, welcome back. If you’ve read the whole article – thank you for taking the time to do so. Whatever your path to this point, you are one of the few.

The point is that many of those who started this article have not read it in full. Therefore, they’ve missed out on some important learning points that could help them improve their blogging technique. They’ve also missed out on the special offer included in the middle of the article.

Those who rejoined us, I’m not going to repeat those learning points; you’ll just have to find them yourself. However, I will say this: many readers just won’t read all of your content. This can be frustrating but there are options to improve readership amongst your visitors, you just have to employ many of the tips I have mentioned above.