What To Do After Publishing A Blog Post

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What do you do after publishing blog content!

So you’ve written a blog post and now it is up on your site for everyone to see. This is the first step to a strong content marketing campaign. However, it is only the first step and now the long road to making sure that publishing the article wasn’t a waste of time is ahead.

As soon as the content has been released you should look at your next steps and start to attract the attention of your target audience. Just because you are publishing content doesn’t mean that people will come to your site to read it. So what should you be doing afterwards? Here are some of those key steps for you to consider.

1. Social Media Acknowledgements

The first step is to let your followers, and the wider community, know about your latest blog post. One of the best places to promote your blog is Twitter. It is a great source of traffic and by scheduling in three different slots for the post during the first 24 hours; you can ensure that it will get noticed by numerous individuals.

Then you need to let Google+ and Facebook know. Facebook requires only a short introduction, like the title, while Google+ requires a significant text to capture the attention you want. Publishing these in quick succession isn’t necessary. Facebook is more effective at 4pm while Google+ has more response at 8:30am.

2. LinkedIn

While a social network, there are two activities on LinkedIn that you need to consider. The first is the Pulse feature. This can be a direct copy of your blog post or an abridged version with links to the full copy. Whatever option you choose, ensure that you are using every part of the Pulse feature including the tags and a high quality image. Once this is done, all your connections will know you’ve released a new piece of content.

After this, try publishing an announcement on your timeline or your company’s page. This helps you to reach more of your audience.

3. Email Marketing

You are likely to have subscribers to your email marketing list to keep in touch with your blog posts. They might not know your publishing schedule (assuming you have one), therefore, the only way to get them back to your site is to let them know new content is available online.

Just a short quick email is all that is needed. However, be careful if you update your blog too often as people can be annoyed if you are sending them multiple messages per day.

4. Submit To Blog Aggregator Sites

Depending on your topic and your goals, submitting your blog post to an aggregator site, like BizSugar, can gain you additional traffic. We really recommend BizSugar for business users because there is an active community on there and with a good, interesting title you can easily find that your articles are popular almost as soon as you’re publishing them.

Look into your market and see how many aggregator sites you should be submitting your articles to.

5. Continue Publishing More Content

Now that one blog post is out of the way you need to continue publishing to keep that content marketing campaign going. It takes more than one visit to convert customers these days and websites need to keep fresh content going to appease Google and rank highly. Consider looking at your last blog post and see if there is anything in that copy that didn’t get answered and work off that.

Then look to create content that helps you to stay ahead of the game. By being weeks or months ahead of your publishing calendar you can be more effective in your online marketing campaigns, be flexible with your writing and have a strong presence online.


Publishing your article is only the start of the journey. The long road to generating traffic to your site is not easy, but it can be worth the effort in the end. Ensure that you have a process in place to help you market your content to the target audience and not let them slip through your net.

How do you market your blog content? How soon after publishing do you do it?