Five Things Publishing With BizSugar Will Give You

There are numerous tools online to help you find success, and one of those is BizSugar. TwoFeetMarketing have been using the site for a number of years, and over that time we have seen several benefits of it.

What Is BizSugar?

BizSugar and blogging
BizSugar can help you generate more traffic during your content marketing campaigns.

BizSugar is a blog aggregator site where users can submit stories they’ve written on other websites. Users can then read these stories and vote for them, voting as many times as they like. Once a story has accumulated enough votes it becomes ‘hot’ – a symbolic gesture that the article is an essential read.

The site is free to submit articles to, and you’ll always get the best results if you consistently publish on the site, share their social media content and participate in voting. If you do all of this, then you can find that the results are more than worth the time investment.

Here are the benefits your business can experience by using BizSugar.

1. More Exposure

Website traffic always increases when we’ve submitted our stories to BizSugar. While not overpoweringly significant, it is large enough to register on monitoring tools. The increase in traffic can also last two or three days.

These are visitors who have an active interest in the topic you are writing about, and therefore the more relevant audience. If you publish enough high-quality articles on a particular subject, then you can generate a following, and the traffic you receive from the site will increase.

2. Interaction

Numerous blog posts will receive comments. This is a perfect opportunity for you to engage with your audience and speak to them; it will provide you with insights to what your audience think, what challenges they face and what content they like to read.

It also helps to promote your personal brand, something that can be just as effective effective in the sales path than a corporate brand.

3. Content Ideas

Our response to a comment on one of our previous posts was too long for the comments, so we turned it into a blog post. The original post was made ‘hot’ and so was our response. This gave us great exposure for the brand and also helped us to create content.

You can do the same. Read comments, look at user questions and determine what information they are seeking to base your future content on.

4. Leads

Believe it or not, we’ve had email subscribers and email enquiries about our services directly from BizSugar traffic. All leads are important to a small business and a slight increase for what amounts to just five minutes’ work is worth its weight in gold.

When you integrate BizSugar into your digital sales path, you’ll find that your business has a chance to grow and sell to a wider audience. This audience will already know who you are and what your brand stands for – making onboarding much easier.

5. Inbound Links

This is probably one of the most powerful benefits of BizSugar. Users of BizSugar will visit the site to discover other content that they can reference in their own. So you have an opportunity to grow your website’s SEO power without much effort. A recent article of ours gained ten new inbound links within a week, and this wasn’t the first time.

The more inbound links you generate, the higher you will be in the Google search results and this reward demonstrates the importance of BizSugar on its own.

BizSugar isn’t somewhere you need to publish – but doing so will be rewarding. The process to submit stories is so short that it barely needs mentioning.

If you don’t publish on BizSugar yet, I would really recommend you start doing so today.

Connect with us on BizSugar, to see what results we have.