How A Professional Digital Marketing Company Can Help Your Business

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How can a digital marketing company help your business?

I’ve been asked many times about how a digital marketing company can help a business grow. While businesses often look at the direct income from blogging and social media, the truth is that it can be hard to determine this. We have covered many financial aspects of digital marketing return on investment in a recent blog post.

However, as we mentioned in the blog post, digital marketing isn’t always about the direct sales, but rather the relationship built up between your brand and the customer. This can be measured, as can the traffic to your site. So we thought we would look at a couple of case studies to show the direct impact of hiring a professional digital marketing company.

1. Traffic

Selling is a numbers game. That is what I was taught very early on in my career. If you phone 100 people in a day, 50 will probably hang up on you, 25 will say no politely, 15 will seem interested but will be a waste of time, 9 will become future prospects and 1 will likely become a customer. These numbers are rather arbitrary, but the general message is this: you won’t sell to everyone.

The same can be said of web traffic. The majority (70%) will never return to your site and make a purchase, unless you do something about it. The remainder, they still need convincing. However, as it is a percentage, the more traffic you have, the greater the number of sales you will achieve.

So the first step of a digital marketer is to increase the traffic to a site. One of our clients measures most of their success through just their traffic. We started working with them in June 2014, before May 2015 is even up, over the 12 months we’ve increased their traffic by 78.5%.

client one - traffic report

This is without social media. They post once on Twitter per week, to announce a new blog post. This has proven to be effective for them as they have brought on new clients thanks to the blog and have just invested in increasing their blogging package.


To market on social media you need followers. Many businesses spend significant effort generating followers that aren’t going to stick by the brand through thick and thin. Instead, concentration needs to be put into creating strong content that will attract an audience that will be really interested in your brand.

We’ve helped brands naturally grow their following and stay there. An organic following is going to be more interested in sharing your content and following links to read your content.

One particular client started with only 70 followers. Within one month we increased their follower count on Twitter to 140. This was done without any blog content or other supporting content. All we published was general advice to their following and links to one sales page.

3. Interaction

At the end of the day, interaction is one of the most important aspects of all social media management. If people aren’t interacting with your content then you aren’t engaging them and selling your brand image.

We worked with one brand that was achieving on average a 3.99% interaction rate. However, their business’ blog had a couple of strong weeks but more often than not their interaction rate was lower than 1%.

After we took over their blogging we were able to raise their average interaction rate to 7.56% or a 247% increase. The best interaction rate achieved during the initial 13 week period was 17.86%.

The main aim for interaction is to get 5% interaction rate – this is considered the top and many brands don’t achieve this.


A professional digital marketing company can offer you more than copy and management. They can offer you real returns that can help improve your business’ revenue and brand image. So consider your options with your digital marketing campaigns and whether a professional digital marketing professional can support your business.