PPC Marketing Tips That Will Rock Your Campaigns

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PPC Marketing tips to help you make more money!

Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to gain exposure for your small business, especially if you are a retail business. As PPC marketing campaigns can appear in a variety of places, including alongside search results on Google, the potential number of new customers to your brand is unimaginable.

The most important element of any PPC campaign is the keyword. The right keyword for a campaign will allow your advertisements to be seen by a relevant audience that is interested in your products and brand. However, you will also need to bid at the right level and create an advert that has a quality score to beat your competitors. The quality score is a measurement of the following factors:

  • The relevance of the keyword to the search term.
  • The relevance of the advert to the landing page it is linked to.
  • The relevance of the advert to other PPC keywords in the ad group.
  • The click-through-rate of the advert.
  • Your previous performance.

While some may think that this is an easy task, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a successful PPC marketing campaign. Experience will often support your campaigns, but here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Track Your PPC Marketing Campaigns

Most PPC marketing platforms will allow you to track everything going on with your campaigns, from how many people are seeing your advert to how many people are clicking through to your landing page and making a purchase.

From the data you collect you can get the best results from your PPC marketing campaigns. The results will tell you what keywords are top performers and therefore where you should be spending the majority of your budget.

This will require you to regularly analyse your campaigns and adjust them to get better results.

2. Combine PPC Marketing With Search Engine Optimisation

When you combine PPC marketing with search engine optimisation, you can often reap better results. Firstly, it is because you will start to dominate the search engine results page on both the premium advertising spots, and in the organic search results. This will lead to more visitors to your website (some of which won’t cost).

The thing to remember is that some search engine users prefer organic results, as they know you haven’t paid for it while others prefer paid adverts. By covering both, you will please both groups of potential customers.

3. Optimise Your PPC Marketing Campaign’s Landing Page

When you start to create a PPC marketing campaign, you will need to identify a landing page. It is best practice to ensure that the landing page is not your website’s homepage. Also, the quality of the PPC’s landing page can directly influence the position of your advert.

Google assign a quality score to your landing page, which is valued between one and ten based on the relevance of the advert’s keyword to the landing page. By ensuring that you have a high quality score, you can be placed higher on the paid search results for less cost.

4. Ignore Broad Match Keywords

The biggest mistake made during PPC marketing campaigns is the use of broad match keywords. For example, you could sell adult clothes and in your advertising campaign, you could use the key term ‘clothes’ and your advert will display whenever anyone searches for clothes, even if they are searching for baby clothes.

This can lead to campaigns costing your business more when there are numerous irrelevant clicks. To improve results, use negative keywords so searches can’t be mistakenly shown your advertisement.

5. Target Campaigns Effectively

Most small businesses are precise enough when they target their campaigns. To increase your campaign’s efficiency, you can take advantage of some great features including:

Country specific: If you only sell in certain countries, then target those countries only.

Micro-geographic focus: If you are a local business or want to move into a specific area, such as a local shop or restaurant, you can target a specific local area.

Time: Certain campaigns return better results at a specific time. So limit your campaign to only display at those times.


PPC marketing campaigns are an effective way to grow your business. However, it can be very expensive unless you have the right tactics. Ensure you are targeting correctly and have a quality landing page to get the best results.

Do you use PPC marketing? What results do you get?

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