The Free Powerful Marketing Words You Need

What are some of the most powerful marketing words you can use on your website or blog?

Copy for your website and blogs will be much more powerful if you use words which perform well. Here are a list of the most powerful words to use and why they are so effective.


Studies have shown that people are more likely to act upon something favourably if you give them a reason to. Including the word ‘because’ stimulates the audience into acknowledging that you have a reason, even if it is a poor one.

For instance, research has tested the acceptance rate of someone cutting into the line at a printers. When the person skipping the queue did not give a reason, they were allowed to cut in only 60% of the time. When the person used the statement “…because I am in a rush”, the acceptance rate was 90%.


You should never consider talking about cost, but rather about the value of your product or service. When mentioning costs and prices, you talk about what the customer is losing, whereas when you are talking about value, you are informing the reader of what they are getting.

Your target audience is more likely to respond favourably to what they will receive than what they have to give up.


When they say everyone likes something for free it isn’t an exaggeration. Consumers love seeing the word and will respond to it, even if the product being offered for free is not particularly good.

An example of this can be seen in a recent study. Researchers offered two types of chocolates to consumers: one a high end Lindt truffle, the other a Hershey’s Kisses. The chocolates were offered for 15 and 1 cents respectively. When compared to normal prices, the Lindt chocolate was at half its normal price.

When offered to a group of consumers, 75% of them chose to buy the truffle over the kisses because of the value of the chocolate.

In the next part of the experiment, they reduced both products down by one cent, so the kisses were free and the truffles were 14 cents. They were offered to the same group, but this time 69% of them chose the kisses over the truffles.


People want to know secrets, no matter what the secret is about. Moreover, they want to spread secrets, especially a female audience which studies have found tend to keep a secret for only 32 minutes on average.

This can therefore be a good word to grow traffic to your site.


Creating text that is using the second person makes the content seem like you are speaking directly to the person reading the content.

This makes it personable to your reader and engages them more. This in turn will increase the interaction rates for your visitors and how favourably they will deem your content.


On the other hand, ‘my’ can be highly influential as well, when used in call to actions. Research has found that using the word ‘my’ in call to actions increases conversions as it gives ownership to your audience.

One study found that changing a call to action from ‘your’ to ‘my’ increased conversions by 90%.


Today’s world is all about instant gratification. Therefore, using words that imply instant access like “now”, “instant” and “immediately” will be responded to quickly by your audience.

However, you must be careful when you are using these words that you can perform on the promise. Breaking a promise can annoy your audience and damage your reputation. For every negative experience a customer has with your brand it will take 12 positive experiences to repair the damage.

What Words Should You Avoid?

As well as these words to include in your copy, there are many words that you shouldn’t include. These are: will, exceed expectations, seasoned, experienced, veteran, generally, relatively, sometimes, somewhat, deal, cost, price and obligation.

What words do you recommend to use and not to use?