It’s A Magic Number: The Power Of Three

Add the power of three into your blogging content
Add the power of three into your blogging content

Marketing is all about increasing the awareness of your brand and blogging is one of the best ways to achieve this. It can be indexed by search engines, consumers will engage with it and it can demonstrate your authority in your industry.

There are few things which are universal in the world of blogging. What length of blog post works for one industry will not for another, the tone of the writing can vary considerably and there are always questions on what picture will best suit each post.

However, there is one universal rule you might want to consider – the rule of three.

The rule of three is simple. Having something in groups of three can improve the retention of your content, increase the uptake of your advice and ensure there are more returning visitors.

The rule of three can be used in a number of different ways and has been before. Bill Gates has used this rule when he has created debates, a well known example being the three myths of poverty. This open letter got a huge response and really opened up discussions on the topic.

Why Does the Power of Three Work?

The number three is significantly high enough that it gives authority to what you are proposing while being small enough that the points are easier for your audience to remember.

The top 10 reasons may sound impressive, but there is a lot of information there to remember. Individuals, on average, take in enough information in a day to fill 174 newspapers, that’s a lot, so they concentrate on what is important and forget the rest.

Also it is important to consider the concentration span of the average person has decreased to just five minutes. Therefore, by grouping points in three, you can give one minute to each reason and one minute each to your introduction and conclusion.

Implementation of The Power of Three

To implement this in your blogs concentrate on the most important three reasons / ideas. This will mean more to your audience and will allow them to remember your article better. Then, when it comes to finding out solutions to a problem they may have, they will be more likely to remember you.

You should also use the power of three in the ending of your blog posts. Give the audience three reasons why they should act upon the advice you have given them. For instance will your advice save them money, improve productivity and increase quality?

Adding in three benefits to the actions which you are suggesting will enable a higher uptake of what you propose. If they act upon your advice and see the benefits you mention, they will return because you have proven your authority on the subject.

So…by enacting the power of three within your blog posts you can significantly increase the retention of your brand in the minds of your audience, achieve greater website visitor retention and have a strong blog format for consistent writing!

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