How To Overcome The White Screen Of Death

white screen of death
Learn to fix your white screen of death

The white screen of death is the result when a WordPress website is broken. Simply put, it is when a white screen appears instead of the page that should. The error could appear on the whole website, in the admin section of WordPress, or just on one page.

Wherever the white screen of death occurs, it is a serious problem for your brand and should be fixed as soon as possible.

What Causes The White Screen Of Death?

The white screen often appears when there is an error within the code of a plugin installed on your WordPress website. Because this is often the cause, most cases occur when a website owner updates their website’s plugins.

It can be infuriating for website owners, and some will spend lots of money asking website developers to fix it. However, there is a way you can fix this issue in most cases, within minutes, at no cost.

1. Change The PHP Memory

The WordPress Memory exhaust error can sometimes be the issue. PHP is the server side programme language used to display your website. By default, it is set to 64 MB, but this can sometimes be insufficient for your website.

Changing this to a higher setting can remove the White Screen of Death issue and, I’ve noticed, make your website faster.

To change your site’s PHP, use a tool like Filezilla, download your wp-config.php file and paste in the following code before the line that states ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy Blogging.’

1define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );

Once you’ve done that, save your file and upload the new version of your wp-config.php file. This should remove the white screen of death should this be the problem.

2. Deactivate Your Plugins

If the above action hasn’t worked, then you need to deactivate your plugins. First, open Filezilla and load up your website’s files. Then find your plugins files which is in the wp-content file.

Now rename your plugins file to something like plugins-deactivate. This will automatically shut off your plugins. You can now rename the plugins file back to just plugins if you so wish.

Check your website to see if this has solved the issue. If it has, you need to go and reactivate your plugins one at a time. If you suddenly get the white screen of death appear again, you’ve identified the cause. Repeat the deactivation and reactivation of the plugins, deleting the plugin that caused the issue and replacing it with another one.


3. Changing Your Theme

Sometimes it is the theme that is the cause of your troubles. By switching your theme to a default option, you can gain access to your website once again. To do this, go into your wp-options file. Find the template, stylesheet and current_theme details. Once located, change the values to twentyeleven.

Then you can look at replacing your theme with another through the WP admin page.

Don’t Let Your Website Experience The White Screen Of Death

One of the best ways to limit the time it takes to repair your website, is to do any updates one at a time instead of in bulk. This allows you to identify exactly which theme or plugin is causing the problem.

Another trick is to regularly backup your website’s WordPress files. Therefore, should an error occur, you can replace the corrupted files with the backup and get to work discovering where the fault is.

Have you experienced the white screen of death? How did you fix it?

Let us know in the comments below.