Poor Online Profile? Your Startup Has Already Failed!

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Don’t let your online profile ruin your business’ chances for success

Around 90% of startups will fail. This is a dose of reality that no business owner should ever forget. While there are numerous reasons behind these failures and characteristics that support the success of entrepreneurs, one fact is universal – if you don’t have customers, you will not survive. This is why having a good online profile is important.

An online profile is more than a trend nowadays. Gone are the days when a website was something that demonstrated you were up with the times and could afford to showcase your services online. Now it is a must have tool for building your business and selling your products.

An Uphill Struggle To Secure A Good Online Profile

81% of UK consumers and business owners now research their options online before making a purchasing decision. This means that only one in five customers stick to a traditional product research model to find services they need. If you don’t have an online profile, you could be losing up to 80% of your revenue; a significant proportion and one you need to claim back to avoid business failure.

What you need to think about is how you are going to deliver your online profile to your customers. The trouble is that many of your competitors are already there and have started to attract your potential customers. These are the people who understand the need for a good online profile and have taken steps to secure it.

How Can You Create A Good Online Profile?

The first step is to create a solid campaign that stretches across social media, blogging and search engines. You’ll find that if you can keep a consistent campaign going you will generate significant interest in your services organically and for very little cost.

So start off with optimising your website’s SEO qualities. This shouldn’t be too difficult. You need to start with a good keyword, something that people will search for. An SEO expert friend of mine also recently advised me that you need to start local and then expand outwards. So if you are a gardener in London you could use:

Gardening services, London

Gardening professionals, London

Gardener, London

These keywords should be inserted into your page descriptions so that Google knows what your page is about.

Now you need to update your site regularly. This can be done with several different tactics. Firstly, you can create new pages to put testimonials your business receives on. This can be highly beneficial as 90% of customers are influenced by what others have said about you and your business. It also helps to build a reputable online profile that others trust without question.

This should be done at least once every other week. On the other week you should be creating blog posts. Research has shown the link between the number of leads a business receives and the frequency of the blogging. This is actually considerably larger for small businesses with fewer employees.

The topics of your blog should be something that your audience wants to read about. So think about what questions they ask and use that as a basis for your topics. Regularly publishing blog articles will also give you a lot of content for you to develop your online profile through social media.

Social media does take time, but it can be richly rewarding. For instance, it is a way to build traffic to your site, develop relationships with potential customers and deliver good customer service. It is important to ensure your online profile isn’t ruined by being too salesy. Try to concentrate your efforts on how you can helps others and your reputation will be better.

Be Careful Of Bad Advice

person whispering bad online profile advice
If you want a good online profile, don’t listen to bad advice.

One of the most infuriating things I hear is people damning the online marketing process. It is often done by those who haven’t had the success or started their business / marketing career when online marketing wasn’t around.

While people are of course entitled to their opinions, it is hard to ignore the fact that online marketing is a big part of business success nowadays. Online sales are continually growing in the UK and consumers are spending more time online than ever before.

The problem is more than likely linked to those who haven’t had success before. We know from experience that even those who have worked with big brands don’t always understand the true mechanics of online marketing. For instance, one marketer who once worked with a big brand could only achieve 65% of the results we could. They had access to the same audience and resources but their results were far lower.

But this is not surprising; research has found that there is a significant digital marketing skills gap, even within the UK. So how can you trust those without the necessary skills, experience or knowledge to successfully give you an online profile worthy of customers? The answer is you can’t. You need to find a solution that will help you, not hold you back.


Your online profile is an important aspect for generating traffic and leads for your business. Without it, your business may run out of customers and you may start to lose control ending in the closing of your business.

Do you have a good online profile? What support do you need?

Let us know in the comments.