Online Marketing Tips: Our Top Five

Online marketing pyramid
Online marketing is important for building your online business

There are many blog articles out there giving you online marketing tips. If you do a search it is likely you are going to struggle to absorb all the information available. You have to know what is important and what is implementable for your business but what is important is a matter of opinion.

Here are our top five online marketing tips:

1. Ensure Your Search Engine Optimisation Is Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Many businesses think building a website will instantly attract traffic to their site. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You could build your website but have no-one visit it because of poor SEO or no other marketing.

With up to 75% of your web traffic coming from search engines, SEO is important for your online marketing strategy.

There are numerous ways you can support your search engine optimisation. The first step is to ensure your website has the right keywords entered in the text and images are properly SEO’d with image descriptions, captions and descriptions featuring the keyword.

2. Start A Blogging Schedule To Increase Online Authority

Your business needs to create a regular and reliable blog schedule. Blogs have several benefits for your business, including:

  • Increasing your SEO.
  • Creating compelling copy your audience will want to engage with.
  • Establishing authority for your brand.

81% of consumers trust information in blog posts. By writing compelling copy backed up with statistics you can convince your readers about your expertise and persuade them to enquire more about your brand.

3. Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is very important in the researching phase of the consumer buying cycle. 37% of social media users utilise at least one platform to discover more about brands and products before making a purchasing decision.

Yet for your audience to find you on social media you need to optimise your profiles. Different networks have different optimisation requirements. For instance, if you were a web design firm you would have the term web design in your Twitter profile while on LinkedIn you should use the term web designer.

4. Organically Build An Email List

An email list is essential if you want your online marketing to succeed. 70% of your website visitors are not going to return to your brand’s website unless you get them to subscribe to something. Mailing lists are very good at sales. Typically they earn somewhere around 13% of all online sales.

Building an email list is not easy. That is why some businesses will buy email lists. However, these can be very ineffective for a number of reasons. The main problem is that individuals on the bought list could report your mails as spam – which can damage your outgoing server’s reputation. This can be costly to resolve and harm your revenue in the long term. It can also damage other aspects of your online marketing.

5. Provide Valuable Content To Your Readers

Whatever method of communication you use online, ensure you are providing valuable content to your audience. Don’t try to directly sell your products / services. Promotional content gets very little visibility when it comes to online searches and readers tend to react by leaving the site and never returning.

Search engine users like to search for solutions to problems and very rarely for products. Therefore, create content based on common problems your target audience experience. This will provide you with a great SEO profile and give your customers exactly what they want. As you provide more useful content, they will develop reliance for and trust your brand. This will increase the uptake of your offers and improve your sales and revenue.


There are a number of pieces of advice out there how your online marketing can support your business’ growth. Follow our advice to develop great online relationships with your target audience and achieve better leads and sales.

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