4 Online Marketing Management Mistakes You Should Never Make!

online marketing management trap image
Some online marketing management can seem easy money but can lead you into a trap!
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Online marketing management continues to be one of the common areas of promotion businesses get wrong. There are numerous reasons why small businesses might accidently make these mistakes and there are some businesses that purposefully use black-hat techniques in an attempt to acquire customers and raise their search engine ranks.

These mistakes can be costly to your business. Black hat techniques, whether done on purpose or not, can affect your position on Google. In the worst case scenario your website could be completely removed from the listings but what is more likely is that it will be reduced in rank.

The page in the top spot of the Google rankings receives clicks at least 50% of the time, while 10th placed links receive clicks only 10% of the time. Those on further pages can receive only one click in every 100 or more impressions.

Therefore, ensuring you utilise an ethical online marketing management strategy is important to rank well, avoid penalties and attract your target audience.

However, it isn’t just for SEO reasons why mistakes occur. Sometimes mistakes are made due to a lack of maintenance. This leads to your target audience receiving out-of-date information. While this won’t harm your rankings much; it will mean that your site won’t provide you with the leads to grow your business. This is especially true if you don’t have an online purchasing facility and rely on your website generating incoming telephone calls and visitors to your store.

To support your online efforts here are some online marketing management mistakes you should never make.

Use Link Farms

Link farms are where sites are set up for the sole purpose of linking to other sites. In the old days this tactic allowed many sites to rank well, even for unrelated searches. Until recently, being a link farm was likely to get you banned from Google. Now having an inbound link from one will also get you removed from listings.

Action: Only generate links from high quality, authority sites. Remove spammy links immediately.

Duplicate Material

Copying material from another website is possibly one of the worst online marketing management mistakes to make. It doesn’t demonstrate any expertise in your industry, worsens your SEO ranking and implies your company condones stealing. If readers found you ‘stole’ content from another site, in the long term, you will suffer considerably.

Action: Write original content only.

Details, Details, Details

While keeping your details up to date does have some bearing on your SEO ranking – it is not a major factor. The main problem with this is to ensure your customers can contact you so you can sell to them. I’ve recently seen scenarios where a telephone number was out of date on a website and another website given to me by a vendor was no longer active. This creates a poor impression of your business and devalues your product. The vendors also lost sales.

Action: Whenever you are making a change to your business, ensure you have a checklist to keep details up-to-date. Run through this checklist and perform regular checks to ensure details are accurate.

Being Too Aggressive

Sometimes businesses can get too excited about selling their product. While enthusiasm is good, over-enthusiasm can push customers away or force them into a relationship they won’t be happy about.

Action: Develop better inbound marketing strategies with high quality blogs, social media and email marketing campaigns.

Final Word On Online Marketing Management

Mistakes can, do and will happen with online marketing management. What you need to do is take a step back and consider whether what you are doing is right for your business in the long term. If you think it could harm your long term success then don’t do it – look for an alternative. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your business be.