Is Your Online Brand Letting Your Business Down?

online brand in the sand
Is your online brand helping your business?

The other day my wife and I were thinking about dinner and thought we might order a takeaway. One of our favourites has always been pizza, and we had received a menu flyer from a restaurant in the area, that was now offering delivery services. We thought that we might try them out, but before I made the order, I wanted to check the online brand first.

So I went to Google and looked at the reviews. I was astonished to find that there were so many negative reviews for the restaurant, too many for me to consider ordering from them. Amongst the reviews were two clear conclusions: they weren’t family friendly and my order could potentially be very late.

Therefore, I didn’t place an order.

This got me to thinking however – how often does this happen?

Peer Reviews Shaping Online Brand Identity

The difficulty is that peer reviews are becoming very important in today’s world. Research has shown that millennials will check on online reviews and make purchasing decisions based on what others have said – even if they’ve not met them before.

Of particular interest, are the statistics noted on Inc., that state 89% of consumers viewed online reviews as trustworthy and 80% of online shoppers have changed their minds about buying a product/service based solely on a negative review.

The restaurant trade is particularly challenging for reviews. One star can make all the difference and some estimates place the revenue lost at between 5 and 9%.

Online reviews can also improve your SEO scores, making you appear higher in search results, attracting more traffic to your website. According to MOZ, it might contribute up to 10% of your SEO score.

How To Analyse Online Brand Identity With Reviews

Just like your customers, you have to analyse the reviews left for your business. There are three types of review profile you can have:

Excellent: This is where there is literally an overriding sense of positivity. There might be one or two bad online reviews, but generally, the online brand identity is positive with lots of good reviews.

Concerns: This when there are lukewarm reviews that highlight general positive remarks but also contain areas that require improvements. For instance; customer services, quality, product or strategy.

Warnings: This is when the majority of reviews are heavily negative, and it shows that there are problems with the business. Most consumers will ignore these businesses and use competitors. Therefore, it is important to deal with negative reviews immediately and try to satisfy your unhappy customers.

Tips To Improving Your Online Brand

If you want the best online brand, then you need to have a positive attitude to developing the reviews. Here are a few tips:

  1. Have a website: sounds obvious, but this is so important. Ensure you have a unique URL (i.e. not using a free WordPress site) and you have the right speed indicators, social media connections and SEO strategy implemented to make it easier for search engines to connect your website to its online brand identity.
  2. Ask for reviews: By requesting the feedback on specific sites, you can ensure that you are building a collection of reviews. But feedback can also help you reshape products/services to improve your business.
  3. Don’t buy fake reviews: you will be found out, and this will ruin your reputation.
  4. Respond to reviews: whether negative or positive, always respond politely to reviews. It will help your online brand identity and by taking the conversation offline with unhappy customers, you can satisfy them and perhaps get them to improve their review of your brand.


Reviews will shape how your online brand looks. This can make a significant impact on your business in terms of revenue. Only by taking online reviews seriously, can you be sure that your brand identity is positive.

How many online reviews do you have? Have you seen ours?

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