10 Must Read Blog Posts From TwoFeetMarketing

What are our Top 10 internet marketing articles?
What are our Top 10 internet marketing articles?

During our time here at TwoFeetMarketing we’ve covered numerous topics that have helped many individuals create campaigns to reach potential clients. Some of these topics are rarely revisited because of all the new content we are producing that takes centre stage.

Therefore, we thought we would share with you our must read blog posts to help guide and support your online campaigns:

1. It’s A Magic Number: The Power Of Three

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/power-of-three/

The power of three is still an important aspect of marketing. It is not just used in written format, like we deal with at TwoFeetMarketing, but also in public speaking and other formats. This article details some of the important issues and why it is valuable to you as a marketing tool.

2. Email List Segregation For Beginners

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/email-list-segregation-beginners/

Many businesses fail to realise that they need to optimise their email campaigns so they are more effective. Email segregation is one of the best ways to optimise your campaigns: you can send relevant information to those who are interested in the message you want to send. This can help increase your click through rate and the conversion of visitors.

3. Revenue Generating Avenues For Your Blog

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/revenue-generating-avenues-blog/

Many businesses and potential blogging superstars give up on their blogging campaign because they don’t see the financial value of the schedule. This post deals with how companies and individuals can monetise their blogs.

4. Social Media Is Not A Sales Force: It Is A Relationship Builder

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/social-media-relationship-builder/

We’re always talking about how social media shouldn’t be used for sales. In this post we explain how social media should be used and some of the benefits for your business. Hopefully soon there will no more spammy Twitter messages.

5. Easy Improvements To Your Search Engine Optimisation

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/search-engine-optimisation/

This is one of our most popular posts and normally gets one or two shares when we tweet it out. SEO is an important subject and it can generate your small business up to 80% of your traffic. So why not read this post to gain some useful insights?

6. Content Building Before Publishing: Get Ahead Of The Game

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/content-building/

If there is one lesson that we try to push all the time, it is that you should be creating content in advance. This article explains why it is important and how you can start to implement your own campaign.

7. Are ASA Rules About Paid Online Advertising Enforceable?

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/online-advertising-regulations-enforceable/

When the ASA ruled that Youtube Vloggers (Video Bloggers) had broken advertising guidelines, we examined the rulings to determine whether there really was a case to answer for and whether the guidelines were enforceable.

8. Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Comedians

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/marketing-lessons-comedians/

Marketing and comedians have a lot in common and the latter seem to do it better. Therefore, we looked at some of the lessons that we can learn from the world of laughter.

9. The Rules And Laws Of Email Marketing

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/email-marketing-laws-rules/

Many people do email marketing but not many understand the laws and rules of the process. There are a lot of legal potholes that businesses across the UK and the world fall foul of. It is only a matter of time before email regulators catch up with these businesses.

10. Why Do You Need A Professional Blog Writer?

Link: http://twofeetmarketing.com/professional-blog-writer/

Blogging is not easy. There are several considerations for your online marketing campaigns, if they are to be successful. That is why a professional blog writer can support your business’ campaigns to gain exposure through good writing.


Read some of the articles above to help support your online campaigns and learn some of the legal issues that are present for digital marketing campaigns.

What articles have you enjoyed? What lessons have your learnt?

Let us know in the comments below.