How Often Should You Mail Your List?

How often should you mail your list
How often should you mail your list

Your mailing list is one of the most important marketing tools available. Email marketing has been proven to be one of the highest performing online sale paths. Those who regularly email their mailing lists often ask the question whether they are emailing the list at the correct frequency.

Getting the frequency of your mailing campaign right is important. Emailing too infrequently will not support your sales and customers are likely to forget your brand or consider your emails random spam. Emailing your list too often will have your customers disturbed too often and they will consider your emails spam all the same.

Therefore choosing a suitable period between sending emails to your list is a priority.

One Boot Doesn’t Fit All In Mailing Your List!

The biggest problem with determining your mailing frequency is there isn’t a hard and fast rule. Some industries are better suited for daily emails while others are better suited for weekly or monthly messages.

The only way to know what is suitable for your business is to experiment with your list.

There are two ways of doing this. The first is by testing the whole of your mailing list in one group. This will give you fairly accurate results if you have a smaller list and will also ensure everyone gets all your content. However, it doesn’t allow you to check that your content isn’t the problem and it takes significant amounts of time to complete the testing.

Creating several groups for testing is another option. In this option you create three or four groups for testing each with their own frequency. This speeds up testing but is unsuitable for those with less than a couple of thousand on their mailing list.

You then have to monitor the statistics over a couple of months. There are a few key metrics you need to study, namely the unsubscribe, bounce and open rate. The frequency which has the higher open and lower unsubscribe and bounce rates is the best frequency for your audience.

What Could Affect The Frequency?

There are a number of contributing factors which could affect the frequency you can send mails. These include:

The Type of Content You Are Sending – providing useful information to improve reader’s lives is likely to be welcomed more often.

Length Of Content – Shorter content is better for frequent emails; while longer content is better for emails sent less often.

How You Obtained Their Contact – People forced upon your mailing list are less likely to enjoy regular contacts. Buying a mailing list has questionable legal standings and can blacklist your server making it impossible for you to run an email marketing campaign.

Subject Title – Create interesting titles which will create interest and intrigue into what could be contained within the email.

The From Line – Emails sent by a named individual increases an open rate.


Email marketing is one of the best marketing and sales avenues at your disposal. Research has shown it achieves 1 in 4 online sales. Send your marketing emails at the right frequency will increase your website traffic, to secure better leads and achieve sales.

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