Linky Link: Five Ways To Create Inbound Links

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How can you generate another inbound link to your business?link

Even though link building has not been a significant means to generate a better ranking on search engines it is still an important factor. However, creating links to your site is not as easy it as used to be. In the old days, link building could be done by buying a spot on a link farm. While this was perfectly accepted by search engines, its ethics were questionable at best.

Since then, Google has introduced updates in its ranking algorithms that make link farms count against websites. When these updates were introduced, some sites saw their rankings drop practically overnight. So now the question has to be asked: how you can build strong links to your website in this modern age?

Tactic One: Help A Reporter Out

This is one tactic that TwoFeetMarketing extensively uses. You sign up for the HARO mailing list and four times a day, Monday to Friday, you receive a list of queries from journalists looking for quotes on certain subjects. From there you email the journalist and answer the request, submitted with your website links and other contact details.

From there, the journalist may include your answer in their online content and then link your answer to your website.

If you are proactive with this technique then you can generate regular links to your site that can be an excellent source for interested incoming traffic.

Tactic Two: Review Products / Books

If you are in an industry where you see a lot of products or there is an active book community, then you have the perfect chance to build a reputation as a credible reviewer. There are several places you can do this including Amazon and your own website.

With Amazon you get the bonus of having a link from your profile to your website. You can also attract people to your site by posting authoritative reviews that aren’t self promoting.

If posting on your own site, then you can invite the product and book owners that you’ve reviewed to promote the review you’ve written. You might find authors more willing to link to your site as they often struggle to promote their work and few sell more than 100 books.

Tactic Three: Invite People To Link To Your Content

When you’ve written a good piece of content, you can create a strong interest and links to the site by emailing those who might be interested in the content. These names don’t have to be spammed; they can be cleverly collected from to find all the referring URLs to your competitor sites.

Then you send an email, using a template, to those that are of high interest. Some people who have tried this method have secured an 11% success rate. That’s a lot of links to your content.

Tactic Four: Make It Better

There are several aspects to writing content online that make it more attractive to your audience. If you want people to link to your site, then making it longer, more authoritative and aesthetically pleasing are the best ways to generate interest in your brand’s content.

This may take time for you to achieve, but sites of higher quality referring and linking to your site will have a greater impact upon your website’s ranking.

Tactic Five: Use A Content Writer

This may seem promotional, but there are benefits to using a writing professional. We write for numerous clients and many of them want content that is relevant but not competing with other clients of ours. Therefore, we use the content that we have created for other clients as referring material from time to time.

This has an advantage of helping all our clients build up their Google rankings which in turn increases the traffic to their websites. However, not every link can be generated from a clients’ site. In contrast, only about 10% are, but those 10% are perfectly positioned and more than would be generated without our help.

Conclusion On Link Building

Link building might not have the significance of the old days, but it is still so important for your Google rankings. Therefore, consider how you will generate more, quality backlinks to your site.

How do you generate backlinks to your site? What rank is your site on Google?

If you are unsure of how to test your ranking on Google, don’t hesitate to contact us.