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Blog Management Tools can support your publication of great material.

Every day there are blogs which are closed down or abandoned. For some it is because they have run out of time to manage their blog or it has come to the natural end. For others it is because of blogging logistics.

Blog Management

One of the biggest problems blog managers have is creating and producing content on schedule. What generally happens in these scenarios is managers have several articles to begin their blog. They get posting and are really excited. Then a big piece of work comes in and interrupts their writing flow and before long they’ve missed several deadlines for publishing new blog content.

Research has shown a blog which does not have a consistent blogging schedule will often have a poor readership. As a blog is an important factor in the lead generation machine which requires visitors, developing a schedule is very important.

To do this the blog manager needs to consider several factors. The first is when they are going to write their first draft of the blog post. Then they should leave it a couple of days until they edit the piece. Then it is time to publish the content. To ensure there are limited delays in this blogging process, at least two days should be between each task. That way if something does interrupt the process, there is ample flexibility to get the job done without rushing the content.

Another problem that blog managers may discover is that their blogging tends to skew towards one topic. If there are a number of topics which the business covers, then blog post topics should have an even distribution.

Our Solution To Blog Management

There are very few tools out there which can aid blog managers in doing this. TwoFeetMarketing have the solution with our Blog Management Sheet. This sheet promises to:

  1. List your blog titles and their descriptions.
  2. Set dates for the piece to be written, edited and published.
  3. Monitor your categories to ensure you have a balanced blogging profile.
  4. Tells you when an action is overdue.

Currently this sheet is in beta testing, but we would like our community to use it and report back to us what they think of it and how it can be improved. Are you up for the challenge?

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