Integration Is Key For Online Success

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Integration of your marketing is key to success

One of the biggest problems facing businesses nowadays is the integration of their marketing. Previously, businesses could rely on one piece of content that would attract and convert customers. Now, the sales funnel is getting longer and the number of touch points is getting larger. This is why companies must employ proper online sales methodology and act upon it as a process.

By moving customers from one section of the process to the next, businesses can see what is interesting customers the most and employ special hooks to convert the prospect into a customer. However, if there is no integration within the marketing process, then there is unlikely to be any success.

How Integration Can Happen

For integration to happen across the business there needs to be good lines of communication. Your marketing and sales teams need to communicate on a regular basis about what content is going out and what customers are responding to. This needs to be a two way communication; sales agents can gather just as much detail and relate that to the marketing team and vice versa.

The problem comes about when neither side decides to talk to the other. Even if you are then allowing your business’ software to be connected automatically, there will be gaps in your observation and important data, which can be used to convert customers, will be lost through the cracks.

For example, what if your sales team notice that customers aren’t signing up online because they have concerns from an advertisement? If your sales team relay that information to your marketing team, the latter can take steps to change the marketing content and hopefully gain more signups online – which are more cost effective for your business.

Data Integration

At the same time, all teams within the business need to know about the current marketing data. Your sales team should have access to all the marketing data and know what interactions have occurred previously between the prospect and the brand. At the same, by enforcing integration of data, you can help your current customers by looking at their current purchases and what they have abandoned in their cart and sell to them using special deals.

Current customers are more cost effective to sell to and so your sales and marketing teams should still have all the information required to help grow your business.

Improving Lead Quality

In addition, by having a strong integration of your data, you can see why people are leaving your sales funnel. This can help you determine whether or not your sales team are losing out because information is being misrepresented by your marketing team or whether your marketing team is not portraying the product in the right light.

By collecting the data and sharing it across the organisation, actions can be taken to close areas where leads are being lost and refine the targeting of prospects so that only relevant ones are sorted.

Too Many Cooks

One of the reasons why marketing is not integrated is because some businesses don’t have the same organisation doing all their marketing. Outsourcing marketing can be more cost effective than hiring an internal team and you can achieve better results. Yet by having numerous organisations to do all your online marketing, you risk friction and miscommunication that can damage the results.

It is always best to have one team that can maintain your business’ marketing focus and campaigns in one, unified voice.


Integration is key if you want to succeed in your business and sell to more customers. It helps you refine the process and see where customers are being lost. It will also help your teams be more efficient and lower your sales costs.

How do you integrate your marketing? What challenges do you face?

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