A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Blog Content

blog content steps
How do you create blog content efficiently?

When it comes to blog writing, there is one aspect that businesses often fail on – the blog content creation. They know they want a blog, they know what they want to talk about, but they don’t know how to get their ideas off the drawing board and onto the computer screen.

Yet the process of creating high quality blog content is relatively simple. All it takes is a simple process that everyone in the chain can follow. So we thought we would share the best way to develop your blog content and get it to your audience quicker.

Step One: Decide On The Subject

So you might have a general theme for your blog content in mind, i.e. owning a pet, but that doesn’t mean that you have thought of every blog post you wish to write. Defining the specific and narrow subject for each piece of content is important. It allows you to develop a strong focus in your articles and ensure that you aren’t repeatedly saying the same thing over and over.

It is usually best to consider several blog subjects at the same time. This stops you from being repetitive and ensuring you are offering topics that will appeal to a varied audience.

Step Two: Research

So you might be the number one expert in your field but do you know everything that is being said about any particular subject? The answer is probably a resounding no. The internet has enough published on it to demonstrate the number of different views and pieces of evidence that can completely invalidate claims.

Not being aware of these can be harmful to your blog content. It is likely that your audience will have read many of these pieces and therefore, if you don’t refer to them, will consider your writing not researched and unreliable.

The advantage of blog content is that you can refer to many different views and then present evidence supporting your own. This allows you to strengthen your expertise claims and develop a strong relationship with your audience.

Step Three: Write Your Blog Content

Next you need to write your blog content. This can take two or three attempts but by the end of the process you should aim to have a piece of content that is at least 500 words or more. Remember to include several elements within your blog content. Also consider your SEO at this point. While keyword density isn’t such an important factor anymore, there are lots of other on-page considerations.

Step Four: Edit Your Blog Content

The next step should be you taking a look at your blog content and then being very strict with the writing, grammar and points. If you think something isn’t adding value to the article then you should remove it immediately. You can always add it in another piece at a later date.

Step Five: Get Someone Else To Edit Your Blog Content

This step is the most important step in the whole process. When we read our own writing we often skip mistakes because our brain knows what we intended to write. Therefore, if your process only includes one person, it is likely that there will be mistakes that will creep into the blog content. Mistakes aren’t always fatal and at times can be highly useful, but you should at least try to minimise them.

Step Six: Create A Title

Now comes the time when you create a title for your blog content. This is the best time to create it because your content has been finalised and you know exactly what is being said and what the general message of the piece is.

If you do it any earlier then you run the risk that your title and content mismatch and this can confuse your audience when they read it.

Step Seven: Upload Your Article

Now comes the time that you need to upload your article and release it to the world. While it may seem that the hard work has been done, now the real hard work begins as you promote your blog content to the world.

What process do you follow when creating blog content?

Let us know in the comments.