Google Remarketing: A Powerful Tool For Your Business

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Can Google Remarketing help your business?

Google Remarketing is a tool that is often forgotten about or poorly used by brands, yet it could be one of the most powerful assets in your arsenal for increasing the returning percentage of website visitors from interested prospects. The costs can be significantly lower than using other PPC tools such as Facebook, especially when you compare cost per conversion.

So why is Google Remarketing so useful for your business and what are our top tips for its use?

The Benefits Of Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing offers your brand a chance to re-engage prospective buyers who have left your website previously. This is important because anything could disrupt your visitor’s purchase, including issues with their internet or external disruptions. By remarketing to them, you can attract clients back to your site to complete their transaction.

Of course, this isn’t the only option you have. There is cart abandon software – but this only works if the website user has added something to their cart and entered an email address. Therefore, you need to consider both cart abandonment emails and remarketing.

Another benefit is that if customers see your brand marketed on other websites they are reassured of your legitimacy.

Top Tips For Google Remarketing

1. Use YouTube

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool but when you start using it for adverts as well; it can be awesome. A simple video can be added to the front of other user videos as an advertising spot, like on television. The benefit is that if your video is played for less than 30 seconds, you won’t be charged for the impression.

2. Be Thoughtful On Retargeting Tagging

Google might recommend tagging every page, but some pages might not be the best to link to your remarketing campaigns. Pages that might not give you great results:

  • The homepage
  • Privacy policy
  • FAQ page
  • Your team pages

While there is nothing wrong with these pages being included within your remarketing data capture set – they don’t really benefit you. You have no idea what products the visitor is interested in, so you have no idea what products to remarket to them. Instead, remarketing codes should be placed only on relevant pages.

3. Set An Appropriate Budget

Marketing professionals tend to limit their Google remarketing budgets so not to annoy potential customers. However, research by WordStream has found the opposite can be true. In their studies, they discovered that when a customer had seen an advert six times; they were more likely to buy than at any other time.

Their study also found ad fatigue rates are different. The prospect gets bored at half the rate when seeing remarketing content compared to normal display adverts. This demonstrates that you should not reduce your budget for remarketing, but to increase it and have a limited display advert.

4. Create A Customer Journey

You can create specific adverts to display to audiences who arrive at your site from certain referrers. For instance, if you use Facebook adverts, you can create an advert to direct to your product page and use a remarketing code that redisplays the same advert over the Google Display Network.

This helps you keep a consistent message throughout the internet and not confuse customers. You could even entice the customer back by offering your clients a new offer that compliments the original.

5. Monitor Your Performance

Don’t just click and forget. That is the number one mistake with most marketing campaigns, whether it is related to Google Remarketing, PPC or social media. You must constantly have a data-driven hat on, looking at the success of, and the trends in your campaigns.

This way, you can see where money is not being spent wisely. Then you can readjust strategies and make a better success of your time on Google.

Use Google Remarketing To Grow Your Business

Google Remarketing could be your best friend, but it needs to be used correctly. Blindly using it is not going to help you. Instead, you need to implement the correct strategy and monitor results to refine your tactics and make the most of your marketing budget.

Are you using Google Remarketing? Does it help?

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