Google+ Is Dead?

Let’s be honest, Google is not shy about decommissioning or killing off products that haven’t worked for them. One of the biggest flops for Google has certainly been its social media network, Google+. The uptake of the platform has not been anywhere near what Google wanted and activity levels are far below what others expected. This is why some have suggested that recent moves by the company effectively mean Google+ is dead. But is Google+ dead? Or is it just sleeping ready to awaken?

Why The Rumours?

People are constantly stating that Google+ is dead. However, is there truth in this? In 2011, there was a lot of whispering about it but still the social media platform continued on. And it seems that every year there’s another rumour trying to remove Google from the social media landscape.

Now the rumours have returned since an announcement by the search engine giant.

The announcement seems to split two parts of Google+ into different products. The products in question are photos and streams. Another aspect that appears to provide evidence of this is the removal of the need to register on Google+ to make comments on YouTube.

This is of huge annoyance for YouTube users and its removal may not be connected at all to Google+ but rather to YouTube’s prominence in the market. YouTube is by far one of the most popular products but it is not the only one available offering its service and Google does need to match customer needs and experiences within its own products.

Google+ Is Dead Rumour Is False

Google have publically denied the rumours that Google+ is dead. In fact, they’ve added new features recently, including advertising options. Google is not short of examples of when they’ve killed off products. Very rarely have they actually added to these products prior to their end.

So this likely means that the rumour Google+ is dead is probably an exaggeration. It might not be as powerful as others would have us believe but neither is it on the verge of needing life support.

In fact, Google+’s so called demise is based solely on what can be considered a clever plan by Google to claim more of the market. Much of Google’s consumer facing products were integrated into Google+ but they have faced huge backlash over this. Many people surfing the internet just didn’t want this and therefore they abandoned those products.

In the competitive market, and considering Google is all about servicing the user’s experience, there has been a huge change in strategy. Now Google+ is being disconnected from the other services and users have to manually link them.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially for marketers. Now you can have the edge over lazy businesses that used to perform one action and immediately know that it would be shared across the board.

At the same time, it improves the user experience and allows Google to attract greater numbers to their brand. For those trading elsewhere in the world this could be important. Google has a monopoly in the UK, with a market share of about 88-92%. However, in the US and other places, the market share is much lower, about 60-70%. By appealing more to users, Google can increase their market share and improve their profits.

Google+ Is Dead Only In The Minds Of Those Who Hate The Product

So the lesson learned here is not to trust rumours. Google+ is dead only in the rumour mill of the internet and as far as your business is concerned, should be an active part of your social media, content and SEO marketing campaigns.

How often do you update Google+? What results have you seen?

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