How To Generate Your Blog Titles

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How to choose the blog titles for your brand!

Generating blog titles can be challenging. There are numerous directions you can go in and at times it can be tempting to continue to publish content on the same subjects again and again. While there is nothing wrong with covering similar topics every so often, you don’t want to be continuously plugging the same themes.

So here are some solutions to generating blog titles for your website.

1. Create A Schedule

One of the quickest ways to generate blog titles is to plan ahead, ideally three or four months in advance. You don’t need to detail the specifics of each article, but by setting aside topics for specific weeks, you can ensure that similar titles, lessons or outcomes are avoided.

If you are really struggling with how to segment your blog topics, try thinking of them around products and how customers use them. Or, think of complimentary subjects for your business. For instance, an email software provider could talk about social media, blogging, PPC or SEO to fill a similar, but not exact niche.

2. Use An Online Blog Titles Generator

Several online blog topic generators are available to use for free. Many of them don’t need too much information and can generate dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of blog topic ideas and it takes moments to generate the topic ideas and then save them to a Word document or spreadsheet.

There are a couple of problems, however. Firstly, not all of the titles generated will have perfect English or be appropriate – for instance:

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Pet Death
  • Think You’re Cut Out for Doing Pet Protection? Take This Quiz
  • The history of Pet Illness

You also have limited topics to choose from on blog title generators, so you have to enter in topics several times and then re-organise them yourself to ensure you get a good spread.

3. Ask A Professional Blog Writer

Blog writers are often very adept at creating campaigns that are linked and yet different from one another. You might not see the differences or similarities, but all their campaigns work perfectly. Remember that the best campaigns are often serialised and can help create a loyal following.

Asking a professional blog writer, however, isn’t the cheapest option and therefore, those on a limited budget can be hard pressed. Also, a professional blog writer might have limited knowledge of your industry, so ensure you have hired one that can write for your industry rather than a generic writer.

4. Find Inspiration Online

The internet is a very good resource for finding blog titles. Look at popular sites like Forbes, The New York Times, The Harvard Business Review or Huffington Post and assess what titles in your industry they are currently writing about. From here you can create titles on similar topics or do commentaries on their blog posts.

This is a good way to find inspiration when you are struggling for blog title ideas, but it isn’t the best course of action for the long term. You should also be careful that you don’t plagiarise the content from another site. Not only is it unprofessional and a well-read individual will notice it – it can ruin your SEO and lead generation.


Creating the right blogging titles for your brand is not the easiest of tasks. There are several options for it, however not all are suitable for everyone. Finding a long-term and sustainable solution for your online marketing campaigns, brand identity and schedule is an important activity and one that must be taken with care.

How do you generate blog title ideas? How do you effectively keep subjects apart but linked?

Let us know in the comments below.