Where Can You Find Free Images?

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Where can you get free images for your blog and social media

Articles and social media updates with images will attract more attention in regards to both being read and interaction. This is why finding free images that are relevant to your project is a must in today’s digital marketing world.

Finding digital images can be tough. Many of the best images are taken up by iStock, ShutterStock and others. But there are still those little corners of the internet that have free images available to blog owners and social media individuals.

Here is our quick guide to the best places to find free images for your next project.


At TwoFeetMarketing we love Pixabay, if we are looking for an image, and costs are a factor, this is where we start the search. They have an excellent catalogue of high quality images that are searchable and downloadable in various sizes.

For most of the free images you don’t need to attribute the author, but from time to time it might be nice to donate to them. The only issue with Pixabay is that sometimes their search brings up irrelevant images and a small proportion is not website-worthy.


This is normally our second most visited image site. They have a large database of high quality images on just about any topic that you could possibly imagine. You can download an image for free if you want it in a small size and are willing to attribute the photo to the artist and the website. Other than that you’ll have to pay.

The advantage with FreeDigitalPhotos.net is that while others will charge you $20 or more for a single image, this UK based company charges a more reasonable $5ish.


If you are looking for a stunning landscape image then UnSplash is one of the best sites for you. They upload ten new images every 10 days and these are very high quality. Download is free and you can use them for whatever purposes without attribution.

This site is a gold mine for creating clever social media posts. However, be sure that you have some technical knowledge. High quality images mean that they have a large file size. You’ll need to optimise your images before you can upload them to get the best results.


PicJumbo offers some amazing images for you to use absolutely free. They say attribution isn’t necessary, but it is greatly appreciated. Images range in topics and you can search for certain topics, but generally, there are a lot of food and drink images and not a huge database of anything else.

But when you do find an image, you’ll be satisfied that it will be of the highest quality. Just remember, to use the image on Facebook or Twitter you will need to edit the image, though this could simply be done just by adding your logo.


Gratisography offers visitors the chance to download high quality images, for free, without the need to attribute them to anyone. There are lots of benefits of using this site, namely that the images are highly engaging and good quality, but you would still need to edit them before sharing them on Twitter or Facebook.

In addition, this is a very popular site and so I have seen some of the images around the net a few times. This means that the impact of certain images might not be as high. You’ll also have to format the images and make them smaller for normal web use. Otherwise it can impact your website’s load speed or not be accepted by Twitter / Facebook as the file size will be too large.

Now Get Your Free Images

Free images are not always the easiest thing to get hold of in the digital world and there are those who are caught out by uploading images they shouldn’t. So use our recommendations above and have a successful time with your new project and free images.

Where do you grab your images from? Any other sites than those listed above?

Let us know in the comments.