Case Study: Increasing Website Traffic

Are you looking to increase website traffic? Then take a look at our case study to see how we did this with one of our clients.

How can you increase website traffic?

Our client, a locally based and focused magazine was just about to make the digital jump. As such they had limited reach when it came to attracting traffic to their website. They asked us to join their efforts and help them by increasing website traffic.

Through an initiative that included social media and the right mix of stories for their magazine we were able to contribute a significant number of visits to their website. We were also able to improve their social media standing online, increasing their Klout score from the low twenties to the high forties in a just a matter of weeks.

They also saw improvements in their followers from not just the local area, but also reputable international brands. The site has helped other organisations with their marketing as well, increasing website traffic, via news stories to their sites and helping their SEO by building relevant and high quality inbound links.

The client was exceedingly happy with the results from the campaign that achieved everything that was in their brief within one month, not the three months we had originally agreed. The progress of the site and increase of website traffic has helped the client to monetise the website. They now offer premium articles, which see more than 40% of the website traffic and banner adverts that are visible on all pages.

This has helped the client to establish themselves as a presence in the local business community while offering cost effective and affordable services that deliver on intended goals.

This process is repeatable across the web for many businesses; especially those that own blogs or want to publish news stories from third parties on their website.

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