Five Ways Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Failing

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Are your digital marketing campaigns failing?

Are your digital marketing campaigns failing? If you are struggling, you need to get to the root of the problem. One key difficulty is not having the right skills for the digital age. Studies have found hiring managers are finding it tough to employ digital marketers with the right skills. Other studies have found that 83% of marketing employees in Ireland and the UK would fail a digital marketing course.

Therefore, it is no shock that many small businesses are failing with their digital marketing. The trouble is that digital marketing is actually a really complicated set of activities rather than just one. If you can’t manage multiple channels effectively, you are doomed to have less effective marketing campaigns.

Here are five tips on how your digital marketing campaigns could be failing and what to do about it.

1. Tweets And Hashtag Use

Most brands try to maximise the amount of information within their tweets but this can prevent people from sharing the content. Try these quick tips to make your content more accessible:

  • Tweets should be between 100 and 120 characters.
  • There should be no more than three hashtags.
  • Hashtags should be contained within the central message if possible.

An example is below:

Five Ways Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Failing Your Business #business #digitalmarketing #marketing #onlinemarketing – Not Good

5 Ways Your #DigitalMarketing Campaigns Are Failing Your #Business – Good

2. Not Following Through From Email Marketing Campaigns

Your email marketing campaigns are vital for collecting information. They let you know when people are interested in your brand and specific products.

Too many business owners send an email and leave it to the prospects to call them. Instead, you should be analysing your email marketing results and call those who have shown significant interest in your campaigns.

The people to contact are those that have:

  • Opened your email multiple times.
  • Clicked through to your website, from the email, a number of times.
  • Shared your content on social media.

A simple follow-up email or call might convert the prospect. Clients have successfully implemented this approach.

3. Not Having A Unified Digital Marketing Campaign

Every digital marketing channel has a role to play in the much larger digital sales path. If you don’t have a goal for each activity and where it fits into the master plan – you’ll suffer poorer results.

The best way to defeat this challenge is by using flow charts and process tools. Numerous software programs can help you – but nothing will help you better than a marketing or sales consultant. Both are adept at detailing the consumer purchasing path from unknown to loyal customer.

4. Being Too In-Control

You can’t be everything in your business. Being a busy bee is only going to demoralise and defeat you. Remember that only one in ten businesses really survives past three years – those that do survive generally have outsourced some of their functions.

Another issue is that if you aren’t an expert, you can be swindled by business Cowboys offering you products that are overpriced or unsuitable. We’ve come across several suppliers who have overcharged and under-delivered on services. One of which, we found, to have several outstanding court judgements against them.

This doesn’t just relate to digital marketing either. Accounting, office suppliers, management consultants and others can all take advantage of inexperience and lack of knowledge to over-charge your small business.

Finally, being too in-control can sometimes mean you spend too much money executing campaigns that only need a fraction of the cost spent on them. Or you might not get the results an experienced professional can provide. Know where your skills lay and let others fill in the gaps.

5. Not Analysing Results

The final issue is that most business owners tend to click and forget. This is a bad approach. Only by monitoring the results of your previous campaigns can you perfect them and take more from future campaigns.

One instance would be monitoring social media campaigns. What updates are getting interacted with the most, what paid updates are getting the most attention and what times are updates getting interacted with? These are important for perfecting your campaigns.

Don’t Have Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail

Digital marketing campaigns are important in today’s modern world. However, too many small businesses are making elementary mistakes that are taking up too much of their time and money. This can make certain marketing avenues unprofitable. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t. You just need to adjust your marketing campaigns to make them better.

What mistakes have you seen made in digital marketing campaigns? What tips do you have for small businesses?

Let us know in the comments below.