Five Places To Sell Your Ebook

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Where can you sell your ebook?

Whether you are an aspiring self-published author or a business looking to sell your industry reports, you have to have a platform to sell your ebooks. In today’s market there are numerous options available that will allow you to sell your ebook, so here is a quick guide to help you make an informed choice of the best platform for you.

1. Amazon KDP

This is probably the biggest marketplace to sell your ebook; however, it also has the greatest supply and getting to rank highly on it is very difficult. You’ll need a great marketing campaign that is based off Amazon and directs customers to the marketplace.

Commissions from sales are good, with up to 70% of the price (after their costs) depending on how much you set the price for. There are also options to include it in special deals to generate more interest.

2. SmashWords

Want to have more control over your book and reach a greater market? Then Smashwords is the place to sell your book. This platform was designed from the start for self-published authors and therefore has many different features to help you sell your ebook or report.

It is much more friendly towards reports and essays than Amazon and you can create coupons for individual campaigns.

3. Lulu

This is like Smashwords and has many of the same features. Like Smashwords, you can sell your book on their site and many retail partners. To help authors, they’ve created an eBook Creator Guide.

4. BookBaby

Unlike some of the other platforms we’ve mentioned, this one is not free to sign up to. Depending on what package you choose, you get a host of different services to help you sell to your target market and make a few sales. Their ebooks are sold on the usual marketplaces that include Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

5. Your Website

Looking to keep all of the profits? Then why not sell your ebook through your own website? WordPress websites can be created to accept payments (via PayPal) and distribute digital ebooks to your visitors.

One of the best recommended plugins to sell your ebook is called ebook store. It is easy to use and helps you to look professional.

Sell Your Ebook Today

Generate more ebook sales with a variety of marketplaces or focus your efforts on one avenue. It doesn’t matter what your strategy is to sell your ebook – what matters is that you get the platform right for you.

Where do you sell your ebooks or reports? How do you market them?

Let us know in the comments.