The Facebook Fans Growth Plan

Facebook fans
Are you struggling for Facebook fans?

Are you struggling for Facebook fans? Do you want more fans for your Facebook page but don’t know where to turn? This is a common problem for many small brands on social media.

Facebook fans aren’t easy to acquire, and the bosses at the social media giant don’t make it easy. Only about 17% of your fans will see your content unless you pay for promotion and this can limit your extended reach.

The key to Facebook success is to have more fans on your page and encourage them to interact with your copy. But how can you achieve this? Here is our quick guide to help you.

1. Decide If Facebook Is Really For You

Facebook may be the largest social media platform available, but that doesn’t make it the best for your business. There are numerous considerations. Business to business (B2B) organisations might be able to skip an intensive campaign. Facebook works better when dealing directly with consumers and works relatively poorly as a B2B lead generator.

Also, certain products just aren’t promotable on Facebook. There are some products that people need but that aren’t discussed socially.

2. Setup Your Facebook Page To Attract Likes

One of the biggest mistakes occurs when small businesses setup a Facebook account for their business, which is against the terms and conditions of Facebook. You need to have a personal account and then setup a page to acquire Facebook Fans. To encourage people to like your page, ensure the following are designed with quality in mind:

  • Facebook cover image (the banner at the top)
  • Page logo

Short description

  • Long description
  • The category of your business.
  • Page URL.

3. Invite Your Friends

The next step is to ask your Facebook colleagues, family and friends to like your page. While this might seem a little underhand, it is a good starting place to acquire your first 10-15 Facebook fans. Many of your colleagues, friends and family, will actively support your small business and will want to know the latest news.

4. Start An Advertising Campaign For Facebook Fans

Next you need to attract ‘unknowns’ to your Facebook Fan advertisement. This is when you pay to advertise your brand across Facebook to attract likes. It costs roughly £1 for every like, depending on your industry, and, therefore, you can estimate how many Facebook fans you can finish with by using your expenditure as a guide.

Your campaign will need a high-quality image and a compelling call to action before you start targeting certain users. Targeting is crucial. You need to limit your target group because there are those that will follow your brand without any intention of taking further action. BBC Journalist Rory Cellan-Jones discussed this issue in 2012.

There is no perfect number to stop at because the more Facebook fans you have, the better. However, if you have limited funds, then you’ll need to set a budget. Our recommendation is to attract at least 50 new likes to your page to generate new likes on a regular basis.

5. Create Great Content

Once you’ve acquired new Facebook fans, you need to keep them entertained. There is only one way you can do that, and that is to create great Facebook content. Here are some ideas for content that you could regularly share about your brand:

  • The latest blog post
  • News from the office
  • Images with advice printed on them
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Reviews of your business

It is best to create between three and five pieces of content per week and never more than ten. Facebook users can become annoyed with brands that publish too much content, and the lifespan of a Facebook update is much longer than that of a Tweet.


Facebook Fans are not easy to acquire. Only by having a quality starting base of fans and creating regular content that appeals to them can you grow awareness of your brand. This might require you to advertise your brand early on, but if you are in the right industry, this can be worth the investment.

How do you promote your Facebook page? How often do you attract new fans?

Let us know in the comments below.