Get Your Email Signature To Earn You Leads

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Make your email signature stand out!

Looking for a new avenue to generate fresh leads for your business? Then consider updating your email signature. It is an often-overlooked aspect of marketing, which you can take advantage of to generate interest in your brand, products, and online content.

We’re not talking about marketing blasts you send to hundreds of contacts; we’re talking about the personal emails you might send to one or two people at a time. Yes, the actual reach might be lower; but your email engages their attention and therefore – there is a higher chance that your audience will adopt your call-to-action.

There are many ways you can turn your regular emails into marketing gold-dust. Here are just some ideas to propel your email signatures, and look out for our free template.

1. Add A Call-to-Action

One of the biggest mistakes of all email signatures? No call-to-action to entice the reader to take the next step. There are many different call-to-actions for your business to use and you need an end-game in mind. What are you most interested in promoting?

A call-to-action could be visiting your website or social media accounts, or downloading a free guide from your website.

Alternately, get them to read reviews of your customer service on a third-party site or watch a promotional video on YouTube.

This call-to-action should stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it is recommended to use a specific email banner or put your text in bold/italics. Just never use Comic Sans!

2. Have Multiple Signatures

You shouldn’t really have just one signature. Some call-to-actions might be irrelevant to recipients, and therefore they need to be given a different message. That is why it is advantageous to create numerous signatures for different actions.

For example, have one about your tax services or anther for personal saving advice. Using different signatures depending on where the contact is within your sales funnel can really make them feel special.

3. Attach Your High-Quality Logo

Your logo is a real brand setter. By having a copy of your logo on your email signatures, you can immediately impress the brand upon the reader.

4. Include Important Information

How many times has someone sent you an email asking for certain contact details? Not including important information on your email signatures is bound to annoy those you are talking to. Remember they could be potential customers or they could have lost your details at some point.

The minimum amount of information you need for your signature is:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Main website address
  • Direct telephone number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

We also recommend that you also include the following information:

  • Social media details
  • Review site information
  • Address
  • Job position

5. Keep Your Email Up-to-date

When was the last time you updated your email signature? If it was within the last three months, then you can skip this part if you plan to do it again soon. Every day something new will happen within your business, and whenever something cool happens, this should be inserted into your email signature.

For instance, you might have released a downloadable at the beginning of 2016, but what is new? Anything that isn’t new within the last three months will look old and reflect badly on your brand. Change regularly.

6. Promote Something

Don’t just have your efforts directing your customers back to your website. Be specific in your efforts, promote the next webinar, workshop, or new downloadable guide instead. The more specific you are, the more relevant your returns will be.

Think carefully about what you can promote and see how you can work that into your marketing campaigns.

7. Don’t Use Online Email Generators

Online templates, where you enter the information onto a screen, and it gives you an HTML signature might seem good, but often they include an attribution line that detracts from your general message. They also usually have limited functionality and don’t allow for advanced features.

They can also look poor to audiences who would expect most business leaders to be able to generate their own email signatures.

Want An Email Signature? Use Our Template

If you want some help with your email generator, then use our email signature template to guide you. This template will include everything you need to help you get started; just edit it for your information to get a more professional email signature.


[First Name] [Surname]

[Job Title], Your Company

Address Line One, Address Line Two, Area, Postcode/Zipcode

Tel:    01234567890

Mob: 07123456789


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[Your Specific Call-to-action]