Getting The Digital Sales Flow Right

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Have you got your digital sales flow right?

There are many different elements when it comes to getting digital marketing to be successful. It isn’t just about the social media or the blogging; it is how the whole group of tools work together to create a digital sales flow that will work.

There are some companies that don’t consider this and it can be detrimental to their digital marketing campaigns. There are many aspects to the digital sales flow and getting the process right will help you achieve better results online.

The sales flow can be set into distinct areas: the attraction, the trust building and the sale. So how does this digital sales flow work?

The Attraction Stage

This is about generating interest with your content to bring potential customers to your site. There are two main ways to generate this content: social media and SEO. Both of these require content on your site, so creating a blog or landing page should be used to support these.

Both social media and SEO will drive traffic to your site, but you have to be sure that you are creating the content that audiences will want to read. Therefore, carefully consider the topics and the messages that you want to convey. At the same time, look at your linking strategy and determine whether it could be improved.

The end result of this should be that your target audience is visiting your site.

Take Action:

The Trust Building Stage

Now you have them on your website, you need to convince them that you are the right person to solve their problems. There are different ways to do this: through knowledge, testimonials or personality. The latter of these options is really hard to achieve unless you speak to them personally, yet it can be one of the most effective as people buy from people.

Testimonials should be collected from your current customers and posted on your website. This is evidence that you are professional and that your services work. At the same time you should show your social media audience the same testimonials (as these could act as attractors).

Finally, you can use your knowledge to build trust. Through blog content and free downloadable resources, you can demonstrate that you know exactly how you can solve their issues and your professional level. Don’t be too salesy in your approach, but give the audience something they can implement.

At the same time, you want to collect their contact details. This can be done via social media (poor option) or email contact details (the better option). An email contact form can be part of any downloadable content on your website or as a popup on your website.

Take Action:

  • Create informative content.
  • Collect and publish client testimonials.
  • Install an email collection tool on your website.

The Sales Section

This is where businesses often fail during the digital sales flow. They get the people interested and then expect them to just click through and buy something. The digital sales flow is about offering prospects deals and information and watching their reaction. For instance, say you sell books and you sent out an email saying all science fiction books were reduced by 50% that week, then you are likely to generate some interest but not everyone who clicks through will buy.

Many businesses would just stop there at sending the email but you need to take it further. You need to look at those who have opened your email, clicked through but not yet bought anything and you need to engage them again. Your approach here could be one of two things: if you have a high-ticket product, you could call the prospect. If you have a low-ticket product, then send another email adding more urgency to the deal you are offering – like “last few hours for 50% off all science fiction books”.

Take Action:

  • Create email marketing campaigns.
  • Develop a strategy where you monitor results.
  • Engage further those that click through but don’t make a purchase.

The Digital Sales Flow Conclusion

With the right digital sales flow you can be highly successful online. It is all about making sure each step in the digital sales flow compliments the step before and the step after. Consistency in your brand image and fluency of the flow is important. If you get it right, your sales will soar. If you get it wrong, then your sales will be nonexistent.

How fluent is your digital sales flow? What areas could you improve upon?

Let us know in the comments.