How Much Should You Pay Your Digital Marketing Team

money representing digital marketing costs
How much should your digital marketing cost?

One of the biggest problems with digital marketing is that the costs can quickly mount. When you fully integrate the entire sales path into your business, use the correct tools and then hire the staff to complete the task, costs can be significant. Even if you employ a digital marketing company, you are looking at serious outlay before you’ve even earned your first sale.

This often leads to numerous businesses looking at options to find low cost alternatives. Twitter and other social media sites are abound with individuals offering cut rate services with the promise of results. These may seem tempting, but are they going to be a burden on your digital marketing activities?

Cost Versus Quality

In some respects the saying – you get what you pay for is true. If you go for a Twitter marketing service that is only £20-£30, you aren’t going to get quality digital marketing services. In fact, you’ll be lucky if you get anything that will lead to serious returns.

This isn’t just guess work. Consider those who buy Twitter followers. Often the price for thousands of Twitter followers is about £20. Yet the majority of those Twitter followers will be inactive or fake. There is no point in marketing to users who aren’t going to interact with you because they aren’t real.

It is better to have a few, loyal followers who regularly share your content and interact with you. This is how those engaged with digital marketing increase their presence online and generate leads. We’ve taken on clients that have previously bought fake followers. Only after removing these fake followers, has the account reached the levels of influence that we expect to deliver.

Secondly, it’s about the time of the person you are engaging for your digital marketing services. A person running a business isn’t about to let themselves get paid below what they could get paid elsewhere. The average pay for a digital marketing consultant is £30.25, so if you are paying £20 per month, then you know you aren’t even getting an hour’s worth of their time.

Digital Marketing Is Not Free

One of the biggest issues we’ve had with clients is when other service providers offer something for free. While we sometimes offer the odd job as a freebie, we don’t offer a regular service for nothing. The reason for this is that it devalues what is being offered. In addition, we’ve seen other service providers who place less importance on free services than on other aspects of what they are providing. This can be perilous.

One service provider we came across for a client was offering two free blogs every month, however, the service was very inconsistent. Blog posts were published randomly and for three months nothing was published. This severely affected the client’s social media; without new content there was nothing there to attract the audience to the site.

The same customer also had a service provider promise to update their email marketing list with those who subscribed via their website. However, for 16 months this wasn’t done. By the time that the names were added, these subscribers would have forgotten all about the brand and weren’t interested in the latest details.

All of these free services may have sounded like a good idea at the time, but they had serious impacts on the results of their digital marketing campaigns. Regular, consistent content and a regularly maintained email list are essential components to a healthy digital marketing sales path.

Yet businesses across the world are attracted to the promise of cheap deals. This is why sites like Fiverr and UpWork are so popular and do well.

The End Result Is Important

It is more important that as a business owner you consider your long term strategic objective. Between 50 and 90% of businesses fail and the main reason for this is unlikely to be costs. The main reason is probably because the right people aren’t employed by the company.

Therefore, the lesson is, if you don’t hire the right digital marketing people into your business, you have a smaller chance of being around in five years time.

What is more important to you costs or results? How much do you spend on digital marketing?

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