There Is A Digital Marketing Skills Shortage

digital marketing skills
Training your staff with digital marketing skills can help grow your business

If you are running a small business you’ll want to use social media and other digital marketing activities to achieve your aims. Experience has taught a number of different businesses how they can be harmed by poorly thought-out campaigns from those lacking digital marketing skills.

The New York Police Department’s failure, Tesco’s hitting the hay and McDonalds’ stories are prime examples of how poor digital marketing skills can ruin campaigns. In these three cases there were massive PR repercussions; Tesco was especially hit hard as they had to pay for an apology.

Is Hiring New Staff The Way To Go?

Many would think that hiring new trained staff is the way to go. However, research has found the UK and Ireland are suffering from a significant digital marketing skill shortage. In September 2014, a report found 83% of marketers are lacking the digital marketing skills to properly manage online campaigns.

A lack of digital marketing skills is leading to a loss of £2 billion in the UK economy every year. This is not just because those who do not have digital marketing skills are making mistakes; there is also a lack of trained individuals entering the job market. Some research has shown that there has been at least a 50% drop in courses teaching digital marketing skills.

Is A Lack Of Digital Marketing Skills An Opportunity?

Just because there is a lack of trained professionals out there, doesn’t mean that you have to create poor campaigns. In contrast, this is an opportunity for your business to out-compete your competition.

If you learn digital marketing skills, you could gain a significant amount of website traffic, leads and sales through various digital marketing activities. As the success of your campaigns increase, you can start to see strong business growth. This will then fuel an improvement in your brand’s identity to your customers and strategic partners.

At the same time, giving members of your team an opportunity to learn the skills will allow you to share the work and provide them with excellent career growth. Digital marketing skills are some of the most sought after to hiring managers (social media was top with other digital marketing skills at number 7).

Your staff don’t need to have formal qualifications. Many hiring managers prefer experience over qualifications, therefore providing informal training and giving them the chance to create good campaigns can be enough for them to grow.


There is a nationwide digital marketing skills shortage in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This is because training was not available several years ago and there has been a drop in digital marketing students over the last decade. This is costing UK businesses a significant amount of revenue every year.

However, by learning more digital marketing skills, whether formally or informally, your business can out compete your business’ opponents and gain a larger market share than you currently have. This will allow you to grow your business and become a premium brand.