UK Website Hosting

Are you looking for affordable, reliable and robust website hosting? Then consider using TwoFeetMarketing to host your website.

Our website hosting plan is very simple and comes with a lot of benefits for a price that is fair and affordable. We don’t offer shared hosting for one reason: it is unreliable. Instead, we offer all our clients the benefits of the virtual private server. There are numerous advantages of this for you; which include:

  • Greater stability and reliability than shared servers.
  • Greater control of resources.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Easily scalable depending on your needs.
  • Cost effective for small businesses.

We also offer free installation for numerous website applications such as WordPress and Joomla. These benefits make getting your site up and running a lot quicker and easier. For those who are looking for the technical details, here are some of the features we offer as standard:

  • PHP5/Perl/Python
  • js
  • Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • Nginx
  • XCache
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Phusion Passenger
  • One-Click Application Installer
  • Crontab Access
  • Subversion Repository (SVN)
  • Access to Raw Log Files
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • SSL/TLS Certificates with Let’s Encrypt
  • Password Protection (.htaccess)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic
  • Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users

Also, we offer two ways to pay: monthly or annually. Prices start from £89 per year (or £8 per month) per domain.

Small Business Package: £89 per year (or £8 per month) for 0.5GB RAM and 10 GB SDD Storage

Additional RAM (for every 0.5GB RAM and 10GB SDD Storage): £7 per month or £80 per year.

Get your website hosted now!