Digital Marketing Mistakes I’ve Seen

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Get over those digital marketing mistakes!

When off duty from being a digital marketer, I find it challenging to be online and not in work mode! I always end up examining the content laid out in front of me and assessing what action they are trying to get me to take. This can be infuriating. I want to enjoy my time online and being in ‘work mode’ can sometimes ruin my experiences! The hardest times are when I’ve spotted digital marketing mistakes that can so easily be rectified but just aren’t.

Some of these mistakes are simple campaign improvements, but some of the mistakes are illegal. Here, without naming names, I will detail some of the mistakes I have seen being made by other brands online.

1. Emailing Me Without Permission

This is one is the most common mistakes made online, and I’ve seen it personally lots. The US has loads of legislation against it and so does the UK. The rules basically come down to three main points:

  • You cannot contact someone for commercial reasons without their permission.
  • You must give them an opportunity to stop receiving emails from you.
  • You must provide accurate information on who you are and why you are contacting them.

This makes email marketing challenging, no doubt. But it does protect both businesses and consumers. Imagine a world where spam emails were legal? The efficiency of email marketing would be greatly diminished.

Respect the law and ensure that you are meeting the above points. Otherwise, you could face a fine of up to £6,000 for every recipient you email without warning.

2. Cookie Warnings

There was a time when cookie warnings weren’t a legal requirement. However, the law requires that all websites warn visitors about how their information is stored and used. This doesn’t need to be elaborate or complicated; just a message at the top of the home page clearly stating that cookies are used on the website and how they are used.

The challenge with enforcing this law is that most UK websites don’t comply – yet it is easy to apply.

3. Spelling Mistakes

More common than you can imagine. There are spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere. In fact, some of the biggest brands have been caught making some really big mistakes. Making spelling mistakes can state a few things about your business:

  • You are sloppy with your work.
  • You don’t care about your consumer.
  • You don’t have good quality control.

None of these are positives. The odd spelling mistake is alright, but one every paragraph is going to be unforgivable and customers will not come to you.

4. Images

Several mistakes are often made with images. One is the right to host the image. TwoFeetMarketing goes to great lengths to ensure the images we use are legal, and the rights are free for all to use. We have posted before about five sites you can use to help you.

Other mistakes made are about the image being related to the piece and the quality of the image. A poor image will give a bad impression and distract readers from the content.

5. Horrible Designs

Bright neon colours, capital letters and designs that look like they went through a blender, flood my email box and litter the online world. Apart from being distracting, they don’t serve a purpose apart from directing me to leave the content.

Look for the best designs, keep it calm and don’t use capital letters, it looks like you are shouting at the reader and nobody likes to be the shouted at.

6. Inconsistency

When you commit, you need to commit to digital marketing. There is no point in starting a blog and then forgetting to blog for one week because you are too busy. Digital marketing is about the long term prospect, not the quick sale.

Inconsistency gives a bad impression of your customer service and how you will interact with customers. To avoid this, create a content schedule and stick to it, even if you have to work harder some weeks.

7. Too Salesy

The world has changed. Consumers are looking for content that is more informative than salesy. When you are too salesy, it comes across as cheesy and puts off customers. Research has shown that it can take between five and twelve interactions for 80% of clients to purchase from you. This can be across any platform and can mean that you can have waits of up to 12 months before converting your customers.

Remember that being informative is the path to impressing the prospect by demonstrating your expertise, as everyone wants to work with an expert.

8. Evidence

Evidence is important. It backs up what you are writing about or telling the customer. For evidence, you need to ensure that you:

  • Quote the specific resource from where you have got the information.
  • Don’t misuse the information.
  • Provide a balance of information and don’t miss out on information that can sway the opinion of the reader.

Evidence suggests that you are well read in your industry, just like an expert would be.

9. Not Having A Full Digital Marketing Path

You can’t have a marketing campaign that includes just one or two platforms. Customers switch between platforms and consumers want different content on each platform. Each communication channel is also great at delivering certain types of information. For instance, email is a great sales channel, but poor for engagement, whereas social media is great for traffic generation and engagement with audiences, but very poor for sales.

By having a full digital marketing pathway, you can ensure that customers don’t get lost during the sales process. Also, remember that sales can be made offline, so don’t forget to monitor interaction and know when the best time to pick up the phone and speak to your prospect is.

10. Too Automated

Automation is great. It can be a real benefit to your business, but it can also be one of the worst mistakes for your business. We’ve reported before about when a few Essex based businesses shared content from a ‘rogue’ company because they included the hashtag Essex in their update.

Therefore, ensure there is monitoring in your content generation and that mistakes, like the ones above, are accounted for.

Get Over The Digital Marketing Mistakes

There are many digital marketing mistakes you could make. I see them all the time. Ensure you don’t make these errors, so that you can impress customers and make the sales your business deserves.

What digital marketing mistakes do you make? Have you made any of the above digital marketing mistakes?

Let us know in the comments below.