Think You’re Cut Out For Blogging? Take This Quiz

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Could you be successful at blogging?

Blogging is a time intensive activity. It takes a lot to develop ideas, create the content, check the content for mistakes and finally get the message out there. Yet the rewards can be very good. Businesses who blog are often finding that their traffic increases and they generate more leads.

However, not everyone can write a blog, whether it is a personal venture or connected to a business. So take our quiz to see if you are suited to running a blog.

1. Do You Enjoy Your Writing And Reading?

Blogs are about writing your message down and publishing it to the world. Therefore, enjoying the writing process is key to a successful start and continuation of your blogging career.

At the same time, successful blog writers are readers too. This is how they research their topics, find content to reference and connect with other successful bloggers. If you don’t like to spend time reading, then blogging might not be for you.

2. Do You Have A Message?

Your blog, whether it is commercial or not will need a brand image. That image depends on what the message you want to convey is. Think carefully about that message and generate your content around it.

3. Do You Have Writing Skills?

Not everyone has the expertise to be a writer. This is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you don’t have the skills then you’ll likely confuse your audience and not generate significant results.

4. Do You Want To Be In The Public Spotlight?

All the best blogs are centred on one or two writers who create the content and publish it in their names. This means that they become central to the brand image and to what the public think about when they hear the business’ name. People from across the world will get to know you and your thoughts. At times it will seem as though you don’t have a private moment to yourself.

5. Are You Motivated?

Blogs don’t run themselves. You’ll need to be motivated to keep up with the blogging schedule to produce and market all your materials. There will be times when it is tough and no-one is reading your content. That is mirrored by the moment hundreds of people are visiting your blog hundreds of times.

6. Are You Patient?

Blogs are not successful overnight; it can take six to twelve months before you see real results in your activities. Even then, these might not be what you expected. The more patient and motivated you are along with the right level of dedication will see you through – but you need all three.

7. Are You Disciplined?

If you are the type of person who will shrug off a task until the next day because something is on TV or your friends are going to the pub, then blogging is certainly not for you. Research has shown that consistency is important when it comes to your blogging career and this means that sometimes you need to make a sacrifice.

8. Do You Have Time

Blogging is time consuming. The more you put in the better the results. It isn’t just about writing the blog. There are aspects such as promoting, fielding questions from readers and website work that all need to be considered. You should dedicate at least 3 hours a blog post to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves.

9. Can You Take Criticism?

There will be that horrible moment when someone picks apart an argument you have made. Whether their argument has any merit; you need to be able to move on and forget it. Not everyone is going to agree with you.

10. Are You Willing To Learn?

The most successful bloggers didn’t start off as a complete package. They learnt their skills through hard work and by making mistakes. Perfectionists beware, blogging can cause heartache. However, if are willing to stumble a few times and learn as you go, blogging is a great project for you to take on.

11. Are You Social / Do You Enjoy E-relationships?

Blogging is a type of social media. Therefore, you need to be social with your audience to generate the most interest from them in the long term. If you want your blog to earn you revenue at some point, this is even more important. Most customers don’t buy from a business website on their first visit and unless you give them a reason and way to continue to interact with you – 70% of your visitors will never visit your site again.

Again, being social offline is different to being social online. There are different skills, responsibilities and other aspects that you must master to continue to attract the attention of your target audience.

12. Are You Willing To Work Hard?

Like with anything else, success comes to those who put in the effort. Therefore, you need to be committed to your blog and ensure that you are willing to work hard. This may mean missing out on exciting social events but if you want to own the next big thing on the web – you will have to put in the effort now.

Should You Start Blogging?

Blogging is not for everyone. There are those who are not suited to it and need to stick to other projects. Yet for those who are suitable, the rewards can be very rich.

This is part one of a series about starting your blog. Read part two to find out about how to get the best host for your blog.

Are you suitable for blogging? Is there other criteria for blogging you can think of?

Let us know in the comments.