Who’s In Control Of Your Digital Marketing?

Today’s digital marketing is a very complex collection of activities. To get customers to visit your online profile, you need a variety of skills and experience to get the most from your investment. However, what is often the case is that small businesses are hiring one or two people who are great in one aspect of online marketing, but not so great in other areas.

For some companies, this can be positive, but when you are a small business trying to generate leads, you should consider all marketing channels as a potential lead generator or sales channel. Therefore, you need people with a variety of skills.

Control Of Exposure

An example would be search engine optimisation and email marketing. Both are entirely different skills sets with diverse roles, and they need to be tackled differently. Search engine optimisation is about the generation of leads whereas email marketing is about closing sales.

Having just one person control both of these areas can negatively affect the other area if the individual isn’t trained in both. For instance, you might not have the best SEO strategy, and this can mean you have limited incoming traffic, stifling your lead generation. Or your emails are poor in quality, so you don’t have the best conversion rates.

If you do have someone who is qualified and experienced in all areas of digital marketing, they are likely to be very expensive, and this could limit the return on your investment.

Experience Counts

Research has continually suggested that skills matter; but not as much as experience. The importance of experience is no less true in marketing. In fact, the experience of a marketer is a major factor. Experience tells a marketer what is likely to work. Experience is not something that can be gained instantly.

Experience is like skills, the more you have, the greater the cost.

At the same time, you need to have those involved who aren’t going to ruin your campaign with black hat techniques. We discussed previously the problem with the wrong digital marketers in control of your campaigns. Here is a reminder of some of the negative repercussions of black hat techniques:

  • Google can delist you from search engine results.
  • Your content can be marked as spam (both manually and automatically)
  • You can breach digital marketing laws and face fines.
  • You could waste significant amounts of money for no benefit.

A Way To Avoid The High Costs

The best way to avoid footing a big bill for your digital marketing campaigns is to hire a marketing company. They have the experience and the skills to complete your marketing work and do it well.

For this relationship to work, you have to trust your marketing company and be sure that they are experienced and know how to get you the most from your budget.

At the same time, you should look to hire a single marketing company for the majority of your work. This hiring strategy helps you to align your digital marketing campaigns to one single unifying goal, something that is rare. This strategy can be highly effective for your business. It increases the capacity and relevance of your content to prospects within your sales funnel and ensures that they aren’t meeting obstacles in their journey to converting to irrelevant or complex data.

When searching for your marketing company, seek one that has a reputation for quality. Finding reviews for online marketing companies shouldn’t be too hard. There are numerous sites available like FreeIndex that can provide you with lots of information and sometimes you can get a good deal.

See if any digital marketing companies offer you an introductory offer. That could be a discount on your first purchase, free trial or bundle price.

Finally, speak to members of the team and get to know them. You need to know the person who will have control of your marketing well. Don’t just speak to the sales person; you need to talk to the marketer, the person who will be putting together the work for you.

Who is in control of your digital marketing campaigns? Are they helping or hindering?

Let us know in the comments below.