Content Building Before Publishing: Get Ahead Of The Game

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Content Building is important to establish your blog

One of the major reasons why blogs fail is that they do not produce enough content to keep publishing new content at busy times. This failure in content building can be the undoing of their online campaigns for several reasons.

  1. Google rewards constantly updated blogs.
  2. There is a lack of new content to be published on social media networks.
  3. It looks like the blog / business is no longer operational to readers.

For these reasons there can be a dramatic decrease in website activity, leads and sales.

What Happens?

This scenario occurs when content building is not keeping up with the publishing schedule. There can be numerous reasons for this, however most common reasons include the author of the blog has become disinterested or too busy to create new material.

To begin with there is usually just one blog post missed. However, it can spiral out of control into an entire month or longer of missing blog posts.

Other businesses do attempt to show they are still active by publishing old content in place of new content. This, while making the blog seem active, has its own faults. Namely that re-publishing of old content can create negative SEO and regular readers will instantly recognise previous content and feel cheated.

It is estimated either of these scenarios happen within the first 90 days for most blogs. If this does occur, the blog will often fail.

How Can You Solve This Content Building Situation?

This problem can be easily resolved with one simple technique: content building in advance. This requires you to plan, write and edit your content to publish it at a later date far in the future. This has several benefits.

Firstly, it gives your brand flexibility should you have a busy period and not have time for content building. Another benefit is that you can create content to go out at a specific time. Consistency is important in blogging and raising reader loyalty.

It will also allow you to create better quality content. There is nothing worse than rushing to complete a deadline as mistakes can often be made. Bad spelling and grammar will look bad as will poor research.

How To Start Your Long Term Content Building Strategy

To initiate this content building strategy you need stop publishing content straight away. Sit down and think of the titles you want to write for the next three to six months. Next to each of these include a brief introduction of what you are going to cover in the blog post.

It is important to consider how much you want to blog. The level of your blogging output can have a drastic effect on your web traffic. Those who publish 4 or more articles per week can expect to see 500% more leads than those who post 1 per week.

However, the extra content can be a strain on you.

Once you have decided on all of this then create your blog posts and edit them. Once this has been completed you can start publishing.

While your blogs are being published you’ll want to continue content building.

Content Building Works

Content building is an important factor in your online marketing. It can attract clients to your website and develop a strong relationship with good leads and sales. However, you need to ensure you have the momentum to keep publishing. The best way to do this is to ensure your content building is in advance of your publishing.

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