What is Shopify?

What is Shopify
If you’re looking to set up a new eCommerce project, then you are likely to have heard about Shopify and might be wondering ‘what is Shopify?’ You might have come across Shopify when researching website options for your new online store. When deciding to produce an eCommerce store, you will need to consider which platform you would like to work on. The term platform describes the website builder, or the software that you’re going to use to build your website. Some website platforms are ...
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Why You Need To Increase Blog Frequency

blog frequency graph
So many people think that blogging once a month is enough to generate significant amounts of traffic for their website. The truth is, that blogging once a month is probably a waste of your time. It will have limited effect on your traffic because SEO giants like Google and Bing seem to prefer higher blog frequency rates. Last year, research was conducted on blog frequency and the results from their publishing schedules. According to the study, only about 4% of bloggers update their blogs at l...
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Three Reasons To Do A Website Speed Test Now

website speed test image
Users of the internet are very demanding. They want to have their website’s load now and don’t like to wait around. That is why the time it takes for your website pages to load is very important. If you don’t know this statistic, you should run a website speed test now. As we’ve discussed in a recent plugin review article, speed can impact the success of your online business. Here are three crucial areas that they affect and give perfect reasons why you need to run a website speed test today....
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How Many Mistakes Has Your Web Designer Made?

web designer mistakes
When I am asked to review a website, I sometimes get a little annoyed. The number of times I’ve seen a web designer make basic, fundamental mistakes on a website, yet pass it off as a complete package is astonishing. The trouble is, too many people trust their web designer to do a good job. Within the last year, here are some of the mistakes I’ve seen made on websites: Website content left in Latin. Contact forms still sending content to the web designer, not to the client. Inc...
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How To Overcome The White Screen Of Death

white screen of death
The white screen of death is the result when a WordPress website is broken. Simply put, it is when a white screen appears instead of the page that should. The error could appear on the whole website, in the admin section of WordPress, or just on one page. Wherever the white screen of death occurs, it is a serious problem for your brand and should be fixed as soon as possible. What Causes The White Screen Of Death? The white screen often appears when there is an error within the code of ...
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Product Photography How To Get It Right

product photography
Product photography is important if you sell physical items via your website. They enable you to demonstrate what your product looks like, set expectations, and convince potential customers that your product will add value to their life. The importance of product photography has been extensively researched. The human brain is designed to process images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, one image can say more about your product than a whole book. Yet a bad picture or poor placem...
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Cart Abandon Rate: What Is The Average And How To Overcome It

cart abandonment
Lowering the cart abandon rate is a significant issue for ecommerce sellers. It's easier for shoppers to stop making a purchase when online, compared to when they are in a shop where social pressures can force a customer to make a purchase after they’ve entered the transaction process. Research from across the board finds that cart abandon rates can be between 60% to 80%. Yet bringing this down and getting these people to convert is important. It can help increase your revenue and improve...
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Website Design: Thinking About Your Audience’s Culture

culture should be part of your website design
When designing a website, you need to consider the culture of your main audience. A recent study by Dianne Cyr demonstrated its importance. In her paper, she looks at the culture of eight different Nations and how culture has an impact on website design. Basic Design Tips One of the key features of cultural difference for website design is how the information is presented and organised. While there is little difference between North American and European cultures, there is a stark contrast...
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Want A Great WordPress Site? You Need These Plugins

wordpress in the ocean
One of the best things about WordPress is you can add to its functionality. However, that tends to mean that people just add plugins like they are candy. The more plugins, the more functionality right?! Well, that isn’t always the case. We recently looked into a client’s website performance at their request (they had another company design their website) and found that they had a substantial number of plugins and at least half of them weren’t needed. There was so much redundancy with nume...
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