Speaking To Your Target Audience

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When you are writing content, you need to consider the target audience you are aiming to reach. Unique demographics will require different styles in writing and terminology. Getting this right can mean the difference between your business’ digital marketing campaigns being a success or a failure. One of the best examples of how different target audiences and groups communicate was demonstrated on an episode of Friends. In this scene, Rachel is talking to Monica and Phoebe about her first ...
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Are ASA Rules About Paid Online Advertising Enforceable?

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This week, the online advertising world was dealt a blow when the Advertising Standards Authority ruled an Oreo video campaign featuring stars from YouTube broke regulations. The ruling stated that if video blogging stars did not inform their audiences they were watching a paid advertisement they could be breaking the law. But how easy is this online advertising law to enforce? What constitutes as a paid advertisement in today’s digital marketplace? A Example Of Similar Online Advertisin...
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