How to Dropship on Shopify

Shopify is a great platform for selling online. Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms with more than one million stores in 175 countries. Numerous stores powered by Shopify are dropshipping stores. In this article, we look at why you should consider this model and how to dropship on Shopify. What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a unique selling method that isn’t new. Dropshipping has been around since high-street brands produced catalogues. Savvy entrepreneurs would collate them ...
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Special Days In The Run Up To New Year

The festive season is on its way, and from now until that period, there are lots of opportunities for you to market your business on Twitter, Facebook, your blog and via email with unique offers for your customers. Yet you need to know about these special days. So here is a quick guide of the special days you can use to market your business from now until the end of the year. Special Days In November November 4th – Fountain Pen Day, Love Your Lawyer Day, Use Your Common Sense Day November 7...
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Who’s In Control Of Your Digital Marketing?

Today’s digital marketing is a very complex collection of activities. To get customers to visit your online profile, you need a variety of skills and experience to get the most from your investment. However, what is often the case is that small businesses are hiring one or two people who are great in one aspect of online marketing, but not so great in other areas. For some companies, this can be positive, but when you are a small business trying to generate leads, you should consider all mark...
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PRESS RELEASE: Tendring Digital Agency Is Ranked Fifth Best In The UK

At the end of December 2015, TwoFeetMarketing’s managing director David Lowbridge got the news he had worked towards all year. Using rankings from FreeIndex, TwoFeetMarketing moved itself into the top five online marketing companies in the UK. “Our goal was to get there by the end of 2015,” David Lowbridge explains, “we worked hard to please customers and provide online campaigns that drove traffic and generated sales.” Their expertise has helped numerous customers achieve great traffic. T...
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How Book Reviews Can Help You Sell

book reviews image
Writing a good book is only part of the journey when it comes to selling your book online. In business there is nothing better than word of mouth marketing. As an author, you should think of yourself as a business and consider generating your word of mouth marketing campaigns with quality book reviews. How Do Book Reviews Help? Book reviews help to promote your book in several different ways. Firstly, they will raise your rank on marketplaces like Amazon and Smashwords. The higher you rank...
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How Can A Digital Marketing Consultant Help Your Home Business?

digital marketing consultant helping a home business
For whatever reason, you’ve started a home business. It could be that you want to fit work in while the kids are at school or you want to go it alone for a more flexible lifestyle. Whatever the reason; you still suffer from the same challenges that other businesses suffer from. One of the greatest challenges is getting found online. This is where a digital marketing consultant can help. But are they worth the financial and time investment? A Digital Marketing Consultant Can Help You With Mo...
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How Twitter’s New Direct Messaging Limit Will Affect Your Business

Twitter direct messaging limit image
It has been announced that Twitter will increase the available length of its direct messaging function from July. The previous limit, which was the same length as a standard tweet (140 characters) will be raised to 1,000 characters. When compared to other social media platforms, such as Facebook, it is still relatively small. This change is likely to make big waves in social media and will have a lasting effect on businesses. But how can we make use of Twitter with the new direct messagin...
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Three Industries That Under Utilise Digital Marketing

digital marketing word cloud
Digital marketing is the new way to connect with your target audience. Research has shown that online sales are increasing year-on-year and that soon more will be bought via the internet than in stores. Yet at times, there are many industries which are slow at adopting the digital marketing techniques to grow their audience. When some of these industries do adopt the right techniques for digital marketing, they don’t think strategically enough to maximise the opportunity for them. So whic...
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