selling tips to build trust

Top Selling Tips: Stop Selling Wood To A Forest

Being in business means that at some point you have to sell. There is no secret about that. If your selling is done via email, on your website, in person or over the phone – there is going to be some interaction. And your success is often dependent on what you say and how you […]

start you online home business

You Can Create Your Own Online Home Business

Today, anyone can start an online home business, and it is thanks to the internet. If you go back twenty years when the Internet was taking hold, there was little social media and certainly no Facebook or Twitter. Now there are millions of social media platforms and we spend nearly 27% of our time online […]

crowdfunding projects

Why Do Crowdfunding Projects Fail?

Crowdfunding is a unique way for companies to raise funds for a new project or venture. There have been numerous successes with companies raising millions of pounds through effective campaigns. But for every crowdfunding campaign that goes well, there are more that aren’t a success. There are many reasons why crowdfunding projects fail and here […]

hubspot marketing strategy

Why HubSpot Is Missing Out On Extra Business!

It wasn’t long ago that Hubspot approached us to become a partner. The deal was that we would promote their software and would receive benefits for doing so. For every sale that we made, we would receive a commission and the extra training would help us develop our sales process. On face value, Hubspot’s offer […]

crowdfunding funds

Crowdfunding: How To Build Trust With Your Backers

Crowdfunding has become on the of the most common ways that small businesses and startups can generate the financial backing they need to move their projects from the ideas whiteboard to the consumer on the street. There have been numerous successful crowdfunding projects in the past, including Pebble that raised a total of $10 million […]

gatekeeper image

Please The Gatekeeper, Please The Boss

There are always going to be times in business when you have to deal with gatekeepers, those that are preventing your sales teams from reaching the decision maker. A lot of sales people see these individuals as annoying or disruptive, a person to be cast aside unceremoniously. However, what sale agents don’t realise is that […]

Amazon's Workplace Culture Image

Is Amazon’s Workplace Culture Damaging Its Marketing?

Amazon’s workplace culture has been criticised recently and there has been a huge online debate about whether it is ethically right or wrong. While there are many arguments both for and against the culture, there is certainly one thing that Amazon has to admit to – this is not good for their marketing. Amazon’s Workplace […]

car boot sale like a market image

What Can We Learn From A Car Boot Sale

A car boot sale is a great training ground for those who want to be in business; there are lessons I often pass on to my son, who is interested in business. However, I thought that my latest car boot sale adventure demonstrated several key skills that many of the sellers were missing and that […]

mission statement

How To Create A Mission Statement

Most brands have a mission statement. They are an important cornerstone in developing and declaring the strategy for your business. But they can only be effective if they have been written to answer key questions about how your organisation operates and delivers value. Many business leaders struggle to create compelling mission statements, as can be […]