Apprentice Week Six: The Truth Is Out There

When it came to the latest The Apprentice task, candidates were asked to find a group of items for the cheapest price. This is a classic episode which can be hilarious and frustrating. For example, there is little use of the internet for research, a useful if not essential tool in today’s modern world. If […]

shoppers and decision fatigue

How To Factor The Effects Of Decision Fatigue Theory Into Your Marketing

Decision fatigue is a fact of life. As we make decisions, the mental energy we have left gets smaller. The more decisions we make, the harder it becomes to make them, and this affects everyone, including your customers. In fact, consumers are more at risk of decision fatigue, especially those on lower incomes because they […]

title capitalisation

Is It Time For Modernisation On The Apprentice?

The Apprentice has been going on for a fair few years now. For some tasks, they seem to have entered the modern era, for example, the jeans marketing task where they used digital billboards and interactive bus stops, and last night’s crowdfunding task. However, The Apprentice is sadly lacking – some tasks and behaviours just […]

man suffering from decision fatigue

Are You Suffering From Decision Fatigue?

When you run a business, you make decisions all the time, for example, how to complete client work, marketing, how to allocate resources etc. So, it is of no surprise that a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from decision fatigue. Do you suffer from it? And do you know how to beat it? What Is Decision […]

A Café That Runs On A Price Per Minute Basis

I was watching the news the other day when I was introduced to a new café business model. The coffee house in question doesn’t charge for food, drink or even wi-fi, which is all unlimited. Instead, they clock you in and clock you out, and then charge you a flat rate for the time you’ve […]

Apprentice Week Four: Volume Versus Ticket Price

Last week’s Apprentice episode raised an interesting question often asked in business. Is it better to sell lots of smaller priced items or a few high-ticket items? In last night’s episode, it seemed that volume won out – but that isn’t always the case. The Difference Between Volume And Profit The idea between these two […]

Can you build trust with your audience

Five Ways You’re Eroding Trust With Your Prospects

Trust is paramount when it comes to supplier-buyer relationships. Without it, you can’t hope for a purchase. Yet many companies ruin the potential for trust with a series of blunders. Most of these can be prevented very easily. Here we describe the five ways you’re eroding trust with your audience and what you can do […]

Apprentice Week Three: Leadership And Love For The Product

Last night’s Apprentice proved to be as good as ever as the teams were challenged to design and manufacture a selection of sweets, then sell them in Brighton. The teams were shuffled, with Titans being led by Alana, and Oliver as project manager of Nebula. The task was as interesting as the flavour of sweets; […]

Scheduling And Productivity

This week at TwoFeetMarketing, we’ve been looking at how we can deliver more within the same time frame. We want our members and non-members to get more content to help build better businesses. We also have to manage the delivery of client orders. Part of the plan was to increase the frequency of our blog. […]

the apprentice week two team spirit

The Apprentice Week Two: Leadership, Branding And Confidence

The second week of The Apprentice gave us insight into the marketing skills of the candidates. The task was simple – create an advertising campaign for Japanese denim jeans. They had complete control over the branding, video advert, bus shelter advert and interactive billboard. As usual, there were a lot of lessons to learn. 1. […]