What Can We Learn From A Car Boot Sale

car boot sale like a market image
A car boot sale is like running a traditional market stall

A car boot sale is a great training ground for those who want to be in business; there are lessons I often pass on to my son, who is interested in business. However, I thought that my latest car boot sale adventure demonstrated several key skills that many of the sellers were missing and that I should share.

So what are the lessons we can learn from a car boot sale?

Customers Want To Feel Valued

Customer facing businesses know that the most important aspect of a sale is to make the customer feel special. A customer who feels valued will be more inclined to make a purchase. One particular seller at the car boot sale fell short of this skill.

In one instance, he addressed a child looking at his personalised door hangers as ‘trouble maker’. Children don’t like to be in trouble as it only makes them feel devalued. This could be seen in the actions of the girl; as soon as he called the child a troublemaker she started to walk away and looked upset. The seller then gave the child a free door hanger. If he had addressed her in a positive way, he might have been able to sell the sign to her parents.

Another instance from the same seller happened with he shouted at a customer trying to get a good deal. Money had already been exchanged for some products, when the buyer enquired about amending the deal to include additional products, the vendor subsequently told them to forget the lot as they weren’t worth it. However, this meant that the first purchase was cancelled and he had to give the money back – so he lost the sale.

Cheap Is Not What Customers Want

Customers don’t want cheap; they want quality products for the best price. The same seller as mentioned above made this mistake as well. He was too eager to shout how he had the cheapest products – “cheap, cheap, cheap”.

Customers aren’t always going to think they have a good deal with they are offered cheap purchases. Sometimes they will think the reason why the products are cheap is because they are poor quality.

Instead of labelling your products as cheap, ensure customers know you have the best prices on the market.

Attracting Customers

The same seller at the car boot sale was struggling to attract customers and attempted to do so by shouting about his products and their ‘cheapness’. However, whenever he shouted his stall suddenly became empty. People didn’t want to be shouted at.

He was busiest was when quiet and not saying anything at all. I think this demonstrates the way that customers are thinking today. They don’t want the loudness and blatant selling of the old days; they want to be treated well.

The Right Products

I t was interesting listening to buyers conversations as they were going round the car boot sale. Many buyers were complaining about the products on offer. They were either not right or not of high enough quality.

You’ll never make any sales if you don’t have the right products on offer, no matter how many people you have visiting your website or store.

Conclusion From A Car Boot Sale

Sometimes the digital transformation has made us forget some of the business basics. However, by going to the grass roots of selling, like a car boot sale, we can learn those basics again and improve the revenue of our business.

Do you ever go to a car boot sale? What lessons can you learn from a car boot sale?

Let us know in the comments.