10 Personal Tips For Business Success From TwoFeetMarketing

business success
How can you be successful this year?

Many small to medium businesses fail, a well-known fact. Here at TwoFeetMarketing we are really proud of our success. In just three years, we’ve experienced great growth and happy customers. We have compiled a list of ten aspects we feel have made the most contribution to the success of the business.

So here are or top ten tips to have a successful new digital business in 2017.

1. Question Your Plans/Ideas

Find someone really honest to talk to about your ideas. If it’s just you, don’t get caught up in a great idea without pulling it to pieces first! Remember to always ask the question ‘what is the worst-case scenario?’ Then consider what can be done to avoid/rectify this.

2. Don’t Miss Out The Little Tasks

Don’t forget all the little tasks – watch out for my other article this week about cross-training. This really applies to all of those seemingly non-essential tasks that don’t make you money. Some are more important than you think.

3. Watch Your Money!

Keep an eye on the money, whether you use an accountant or you’ve trained yourself to manage your finances; question every penny you spend. And think of each expenditure in terms of your hourly rate.

When you are a start-up, it’s important to only spend on essential expenses.

4. Prepare For All Disasters

Prepare for all eventualities, do you need insurance? Could you afford to replace your laptop if it broke? What would you do if you ended up in hospital for some reason? Plan, plan, plan.

5. Network

TwoFeetMarketing attends network sessions in both Tendring and Colchester. Networking is a great way to meet local people, build trust, and share what your business can do for them.

You can also find people to support your business needs. If you meet, for example, a great accountant and get to know them, then when the time comes that you’ve grown enough to hire one, you’ll know who to go to.

5. Make friends

Try to find some business friends. Running a small business can mean you are on your own a lot. At TwoFeetMarketing we have made some good friends to talk and share ideas with.

6. Don’t Become Stagnant

Trends change rapidly this days, keep up-to-date with your industry. If you’re not able to predict changes, be quick to research and then adopt them if they’re a good idea.

7. Take A Break

Great businesses aren’t built overnight. Remember to take a break from work. One reason for starting TwoFeetMarketing was to improve our work-life balance and spend more time with our kids and that’s what we’ve done.

Taking regular breaks will refresh you and increase your efficiency.

8. Don’t Be Too Proud To Admit You Need Help/Don’t Know Something

The worst mistake you can make is to try and muddle along when you don’t know what you are doing. It is inefficient, ineffective and in some cases, can land you in trouble. When you have no experience or not enough skills – seek advice immediately.

9. Reach Out To People With A Digital Marketing Pathway

Well we had to include this somewhere didn’t we? We use a three-stage pathway: attract, build trust, and sell. This is a process that has a proven track record of achieving results and without this implemented, it can be a challenge to make any online activities work for you.

10. Reward Yourself For Your Greatness

Made a sale? Sat down and completed that awkward task that’s been in your diary for weeks? Achieved 3 years? At TwoFeetMarketing – we make cake or order pizza. What you do to celebrate is up to you – but make it something you enjoy.

Good luck with your business in 2017 and on that note, I think I’ll go and reward myself with a cup of coffee for finishing this post!

What has helped make your business great? Let us know in the comments below. Does luck play a part at all?