How Book Reviews Can Help You Sell

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How can book reviews help you sell?

Writing a good book is only part of the journey when it comes to selling your book online. In business there is nothing better than word of mouth marketing. As an author, you should think of yourself as a business and consider generating your word of mouth marketing campaigns with quality book reviews.

How Do Book Reviews Help?

Book reviews help to promote your book in several different ways. Firstly, they will raise your rank on marketplaces like Amazon and Smashwords. The higher you rank the more exposure your book will get and the more sales you will achieve. This then helps in a second way as the more sales you achieve the greater the boost to your rank on the marketplaces.

Secondly, book reviews help you generate credence for your writing skills, especially if your readers are providing you with excellent remarks like ‘love it’ or ‘great book’. These comments instil confidence and therefore increase the chance that people will make a purchase.

Thirdly, they can help with your promotion. Reviews that others have written can be used in guest blog posts, website copy, editorial notes on marketplaces and on social media. This gives you extra content and variety.

The Trouble With Book Reviews

Book reviews are important, but they are difficult to get hold of. The difficulty in generating them has been highlighted by the fact you can buy fake reviews on several sites including UpWork and Fiverr. One bestselling author was caught in the act of promoting their book using fake five star reviews and then using fake reviews to discredit his fellow writers.

The author did offer an apology stating that it was a ‘lapse of judgment’ that made him do it. Yet, it isn’t just this one bestselling and award winning author. There have been many authors who have been caught out by this practice.

And when asking for real reviews, the troubles don’t stop there. It can take many attempts to get a person to review your book. And even then you might be disappointed.

How To Get Book Reviews

Getting those book reviews should be the first thought on your mind when you start to promote your book. Therefore, you need to look for opportunities in the local and wider communities. Here is our list of the best practices to help you on your way.

  1. Don’t Ever Pay For Reviews – Even if you know it will be an ‘honest review’ or the process will be quicker; don’t ever pay for it. It is okay to provide a copy of your book; that is an industry norm. But don’t pay money for a review.
  2. Get Reviews Before Release – Want to receive an instant boost to your book sales? Then get reviews before the book is released. Don’t be afraid to approach people and ask them for a review.
  3. Speak To Book Groups – Book groups are an excellent source of readers and reviews for you. Not only that, they’ll be interested in speaking to you and finding out more about you and your writing life.
  4. Contact Other Authors – Authors love to read so they can be a good source for reviews. Find local authors who are willing to help you.
  5. Promote Your Reviews – Get a press release out to the local community when you’ve notched up a lot of positive reviews. You’ve worked hard for those book reviews, now you have to make them earn their keep.
  6. Thank People For Their Time – When someone reviews your book and you know them, thank them for their efforts and support.
  7. Don’t Be Upset By Rejection – Some people just don’t want to review your book. Don’t be rude -respect their decision, there are plenty of other readers.

How many reviews do you get? How do you generate book reviews?

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