Book Promotion: How To Sell Your Book

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Using digital media in your book promotion

Despite the wide publicity of self-published authors succeeding in their chosen careers – many don’t manage to earn more than $500 a year. This can be painfully damaging to an author’s pride and self confidence and hardly reflects on the hours of work they put into creating their masterpiece. However, the main mistake is in the book promotion of the publishing lifecycle.

Without proper marketing campaigns, no reader is going to know about a book. Yet book promotion isn’t cheap. Some authors pay hundreds of dollars for book tours and other activities to drive traffic to their book’s Amazon page. However, that doesn’t guarantee a sale for the author.

So how can authors create campaigns that help them sell their book? Here is our quick guide on self-publishing book promotion.

1. Book Promotion Starts Early

As soon as you have started to type your first word you need to start promoting your book. Too many authors wait until their book is ready and on the market to start marketing their book and this can be disastrous. Instead you need to think of the online market like business. Consumers don’t always make instant decisions and might want to interact with you a few times before making a purchase.

Therefore, you want to attract them to a website and capture their email address; this way you can continue to market to them during the book’s creation and beyond. Email marketing is one of the most effective online sales tools, so this should help you sell as well.

2. Use High Quality Content To Grab Attention

Another key focus should be to blog. Although blogging about writing and your book may seem like a good idea – readers aren’t going to be searching for that. Instead you need to discover what your target audience will be actively searching for and then create content around that. For instance, if you are writing a World War Two action thriller, exploring the event in detail will help attract audiences who will be interested in reading that type of book.

At the same time you should look at reviewing books in the same and similar genres. If you demonstrate that you like the same books, it will increase the chance that they will believe they will like your book. Finally, do some hard sale book promotion content, which can include:

  • Reviews of your book.
  • News about events you are attending.
  • Excerpts from your book.
  • Character development news.

Though the sales content should not consume more than one out of every six pieces of content you post.

3. Use Social Media To Grab Attention

Social media is fantastic at expanding the reach of your brand but it is terrible for sales. Instead you need to use it as a way to interact with your target audience through conversation and the sharing of news and ideas. Again, don’t be too hard on sales, people on social media hate it and it will damage your online reputation.

Instead, consider social media as a way to invite your audience to your website where they can then sign up to your email marketing list. Which brings us to…

4. Book Promotion With Email Marketing

Create a powerful email marketing campaign for your book promotion. This includes regularly updating your list with the latest developments in the book (no spoilers of course) and by providing them with a list of the latest content you’ve published on your website.

When the time comes to publish you can use your email marketing list to sell your book with offers, latest news, reviews and other content to really drive home you’ve managed to achieve what few can do.

5. Word Of Mouth Book Promotion

Finally, you need to generate word of mouth marketing for your book. There are many different ways you can do this, which includes:

  • Reviews of your book.
  • Guest posts on other book related blogs.
  • Attending book events.

And you can get your book promotion really buzzing with your social media activity. Just say the right words with the right influencers and you’ll soon have a viral account.


Authors get a raw deal. Many assume that they make millions from their books; but few actually get earn more than what they spend on editing, book covers and marketing. The biggest mistake is that authors don’t start their book promotion until late on in the process. Promoting early with frequent communication will help you achieve better results.

Are you an author and hoping to achieve better results from your book promotion? What is your biggest challenge?

Let us know in the comments below.