Create A Series In Your Blogging Schedule

laptop for writing a blogging schedule
Create a series in your blogging schedule for greater effect.

If you want to create a successful blogging schedule, you need to create one that your potential readers will return to regularly. To do this you could create a series of blog posts, with each one building upon the lessons learnt in the previous article.

Having this as part of your blogging schedule has several benefits:

  • Each article is highly memorable because it has one point, one take away value.
  • You can use several different keywords, one for each blog post, giving your one topic a high chance of being found on search engines.
  • You can link more frequently between the articles so your audience can easily shift between each one.
  • It gives you more content over a wider time period, filling up your blogging schedule and making it easier for you.

For previous clients I’ve worked on a number of series. One of the best examples would Telco Exec and their CV writing series. For this I was originally tasked with writing one piece on how to write a great CV. However, while I was writing it, it turned out that one post was not good enough; there was just so much to talk about. So the client and I agreed to split the article into three parts, each one looking at a different element in the process of CV writing.

Creating A Series In Your Blogging Schedule

The first step with any series is to come up with a theme for the entire set of articles. You want to take the reader on a complete learning journey in about 3-5 lessons at most. Be careful not to use a topic that does not have enough material, because if this is the case, it is better to create one great article than several weak ones.

For instance, our upcoming series will include:

  • How To Create A Great Blogging Platform
  • How To Create A Perfect Twitter Marketing Platform
  • How To Create A Perfect Facebook Marketing Platform

These will be broken down into several blog posts, each providing an actionable lesson to the reader. However, if I was to try to create a series on “How To Create The Best Blog Titles” I would be really stuck, there is only so much you can write on such a topic. That could be part of the blog series but it will never be a success as a two or more series.

The important lesson is to consider whether there is enough content for a series. It is always best to have one detailed post than several poorly constructed ones. But at the same time, you don’t want to fit too much into one post. You can always ask us for free advice on what we think is best for your topic.

The second step is for you to come up with the individual lessons you are going to teach. For example, our blogging series might include (I’ve not finalised yet):

  • Designing A Focus For Your Blog
  • Finding Keywords That Will Succeed
  • Writing A Great Blog Post
  • What To Add On To Your Blog Post
  • Marketing Your Blog Post

Then you need to write your blog posts. Remember to make sure each blog post is giving enough information to be useful, while also saving some information for the reader to come back or enquire more about your services.

After this you need to fit it into your blogging schedule. You can either run your series one after the other or alternatively spread them out. If you do spread out the series, don’t leave it too long as that can make readers forget about the series. At the most you want two weeks between releases.


Use a series in your blogging schedule to create a high impact set of lessons for your audience to learn more. By creating a series you create an additional reason why your audience should return to your site, a set of content that easily fills up your blogging schedule and it allows you to go really in-depth into your topic and provide highly useful information.