Want A Great WordPress Site? You Need These Plugins

wordpress in the ocean
One of the best things about WordPress is you can add to its functionality. However, that tends to mean that people just add plugins like they are candy. The more plugins, the more functionality right?! Well, that isn’t always the case. We recently looked into a client’s website performance at their request (they had another company design their website) and found that they had a substantial number of plugins and at least half of them weren’t needed. There was so much redundancy with nume...
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The Apprentice Week Two: Leadership, Branding And Confidence

the apprentice week two team spirit
The second week of The Apprentice gave us insight into the marketing skills of the candidates. The task was simple - create an advertising campaign for Japanese denim jeans. They had complete control over the branding, video advert, bus shelter advert and interactive billboard. As usual, there were a lot of lessons to learn. 1. Human Resources It is important to ensure you are using the right people for the task. Lord Sugar made a lot of Nebula not choosing Rebecca as project manager...
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Five Ways Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Failing

digital marketing campaigns failing image
Are your digital marketing campaigns failing? If you are struggling, you need to get to the root of the problem. One key difficulty is not having the right skills for the digital age. Studies have found hiring managers are finding it tough to employ digital marketers with the right skills. Other studies have found that 83% of marketing employees in Ireland and the UK would fail a digital marketing course. Therefore, it is no shock that many small businesses are failing with their digital ...
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Digital Laws: Can I Buy Emails?

digital laws
One question that is often asked is “can I buy emails?” The simple answer is ‘no’. Yet, it amazes me the number of small businesses who are still willing to flaunt digital laws to get the upper hand. They often have the mentality that “I won’t be caught” or “it won’t happen to me.” One such company was Javelin Marketing, who bought 100,000 emails. In their first campaign, 85,000 emails bounced and they were banned from their email server. With today’s world of modern technology, you sh...
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Pricing Strategy, Expertise And Decision Makers: The Apprentice 2016 Week One

pricing strategy on the apprentice
Everyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of The Apprentice. I’ve never missed an episode and have watched them all at least twice. It isn’t just for the entertainment value - there are valuable business lesson to learn from each episode. This year it’s bound to be the same, so each week I will be discussing the key mistakes and take home lessons from The Apprentice episodes. Episode One Task The task last night was simple - sell a number of goods to trade and direct to customers. Lo...
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One Year On: Is Google+ Dead?

Is Google+ dead?
Last August, cossales.com rated one of our Google+ blog posts as one of the best online articles of the month, and we were obviously really pleased about that. The blog post was about the reports at the time that were circulating, suggesting the untimely demise of the social media network. We argued within the article that Google+ was not dead and instead explained that this was an unfounded rumour. In fact, the social media network should be a constant part of your regular social m...
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Top Selling Tips: Stop Selling Wood To A Forest

selling tips to build trust
Being in business means that at some point you have to sell. There is no secret about that. If your selling is done via email, on your website, in person or over the phone – there is going to be some interaction. And your success is often dependent on what you say and how you go about converting leads into customers. So looking for new selling tips should be part of any salesperson’s daily tasks. Recently, we’ve had a flurry of telesales to the office. During these calls, I’ve noticed tha...
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You Can Create Your Own Online Home Business

start you online home business
Today, anyone can start an online home business, and it is thanks to the internet. If you go back twenty years when the Internet was taking hold, there was little social media and certainly no Facebook or Twitter. Now there are millions of social media platforms and we spend nearly 27% of our time online socialising on one of these platforms. Emails were rarely used. Instead, we relied on fax, telephones and letters. Many businesses didn’t have a website, let alone a responsive one that c...
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Are You Pitching Your Online Content For Your Audience?

audience in the background
One of the biggest challenges for small business owners when they start to create online content is making sure that it matches what their audience wants to read. The reason for this is pretty simple – business owners and target audiences have different priorities when it comes to knowledge of their industry. The Wrong Audience Take for example a software development company. Their target audience could be business owners who are looking for custom software to help them run their businesse...
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